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OG J. Nails Looking Very...In-Shape (merged)



jaime nails could start

wanny has been raving about nails and searcy...just mentioned them in comments after the latest qb school...if wanny is not comfortable with smith or spriggs at lt then he will move dixon to lt, nails lg, ruddy c, searcy rg, and wade at rt...that may be our best offensive line...
Looking at it through the eyes of Ricky Williams, yes. That would be the best OL we could have, along with Deon Dyer at FB.

Injuries may force the issue.
whatever they do, they need to decide on LT before camp starts if Dixon is going there. But if Dixon is as good as Smith, I would rather see
LT Dixon
LG Perry or Nails
C Ruddy
RG Nails
RT Wade
Nails doesn't weigh over 400 lbs any longer, I don't think it'd be possible for him to occupy two lineman positions anymore.
And I don't think they can or should decide the Dixon to LT? move before training camp starts. They shouldn't because they haven't even seen Smith or Spriggs perform with pads on. Dixon's technique and mobility will make him look like the better lineman without pads but Smith probably has more strength so he might not suck all that bad with pads on. Also gotta see if he's exhibiting improvement, and see what the chances are that he'll improve further. Heck we haven't even gotten a chance to look at Spriggs much yet.

I will guarantee you this though, the Dixon to LT? question will be answered quite EARLY in training camp. Those first few days of training camp will decide Smith and Spriggs' fates
Hopefully Spriggs will be back 100 % by training camp...Spriggs is stronger than Smith and better all around lineman than Smith...
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I keep harping back to the Tenn. game..Spriggs had an outstanding game..I hope he's healthy, because I think he gives us our best shoot at suring up that position.
I don't think he had an outstanding game. He went against Kevin Carter a lot who BLEW GOATS this year, and Jevon Kearse was way off his usual production as well. Not to mention we had so much slide protection and stuff going on to help Spriggs out that it was ridiculous. And even so their DEs still got to the QB its just that Jay got the ball off quickly...and the running game wasn't very hot in that game either I remember Kearse and Carter being big against our running.
I am holding out optimism so much for this year's OL. I guess I am falling for Wanny's company line, but I think we will be much better than people think.

Yes, there are plenty of questions, on just about every member of the OL, but you could question most parts of any team if you really wanted to. Obviously, health will be the determining factor to this unit's sucess. They seem to have put together their most potentially talented and deep line in years.
Spriggs faced Kearse, not Carter. Wade faced Carter. But yes, there was a lot of slide protection. Many times Spriggs engaged the DT and Kearse was left to roam free. But Spriggs did well when he engaged Kearse.

Travis Minor had a solid night pass blocking against the Titans.
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injuries will have a lot to do with who starts but we will definately have some quality depth this year so that might be the most important thing...
He face both Kearse and Carter because they switched them frequently during the game. They had (ostensibly) two passrush demons so they were switching them to see which one might have a style that matches well against Wade or Spriggs. Spriggs faced Kearse probably like 80% of the time. We had a lot of slide protections and I certainly don't remember Kearse having an "aweful" day, he was around the QB a lot and made a lot of plays against the running game. And Wade himself was having a bit of trouble with Carter, but our slide protections and quick dump-offs worked...we didn't take a sack. But this was during Jay's get the ball off quickly phase, not his wait until you see an open man phase that he went through in the last 7 games of the year and took a lot of sacks as a result.
Originally posted by BillsMan80
Nails will never start again in the NFL...The only mission Jamie Nails is on is to get to the food table.

Shows what you know, Jills fan. Also shows you're still living in the past.
I think we got Searcy for cheap. If he stays healthy he will be kicking some a**!! Ricky for 3000 Total yards in 2002!!
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