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OG T. Perry : Will He Rebound???


May 21, 2002
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Ft. Lauderdale, FL
This is an interesting subject. OG T. Perry came to the Miami Dolphins last year during the off-season with high hopes. Unfortunately he lost a family member, and it seemed to keep him from staying focused....I can't blame him for that.

This year, he's back at OG with ex- Raven L. Searcy battling him for the starting spot. No easy task. L. Searcy, when healthy, can make this OL a force in the run department at OG.....

T. Perry is hopefully better mentally, almost a year has passed, and his starting job is in jeopardy. He was a very good OG in Chicago before coming to Miami, and I know he's been working hard this off-seaon to improve. We need him, and we need him focused on football. I think he is....and will improve.

I'm more than happy with L. Searcy on the roster, and I wouldn't rule out him taking the starting job from T. Perry. One thing I do know is that his play will force T. Perry to bring out his best efforts once Training Camp gets underway. That's just what he needs too. He had very little competition last off-season, and that will not be the case this year.

I had high expectations of this OL last season until the LT position became an injury plagued nightmare. This season will be another serious test for this group we've got as well. If things don't improve, I think we can expect most of them to be gone next year.....

T. Ruddy/B. Smith/ M. Spriggs/T. Perry/J. Nails/L. Searcy/M. Dixon are all under the microscope. If things don't improve, most, if not all of them should be handed their walking papers.....

It all starts up front. This group either needs to show some toughness, or find another team that's willing to settle for less....

Without solid performances from them this year, R. Williams will struggle at running the ball just like L. Smith did last year. Even so, Ricky should bust the 1,000yrd mark. If L. Smith could rush for over 900yrds behind the line we had last year, Ricky should be able to do much better with the healthy talent we've got.



I believe Perry can go either 1 of 2 ways. He can sit around sulking and blaming everybody else for losing his job, or he can use this as a motivational tool and simply will his way onto the field. It really is up to him.

Having a motivated Perry would be a great thing, whether it be on the field or on the bench, but if he sulks it wouldn't be suprising to see him looking for work come September.
it is hard to predict now - he can end up anywhere from starting LG (Dixon at LT) or RG beating out Searcy or cut if his attitude sucks or cut if Nails beats him out or the likely backup at OG to Dixon and Searcy.

Right now, I would bet on the last scenario, but lots can change in Aug.
Originally posted by Bodzilla29
I believe Perry can go either 1 of 2 ways. He can sit around sulking and blaming everybody else for losing his job, or he can use this as a motivational tool and simply will his way onto the field. It really is up to him.

The only comments about him having a problem came from DCH's talk with Rosenhaus. Honestly I like the fact he's giving Searcy the cold shoulder. To me this shows a competitive spirit. I wouldn't be all buddy buddy with the guy trying to win my job.
I don't see how this line wouldn't be vastly improved. A few guys that were hampered by injuries last year are now healthy, and the guys that missed the whole season are back. Every member of our o-line is fighting for their job, just about so the competion should make them better. I like the fact that Nails is looking good, and Perry who will most likely lose his job, and Mckinnie will push Ruddy, so the starters may be more motivated to kick some a** come sunday so they don't end up on the bench. I also like that this year there are guys that can step in if someone is injured, so there will be no one as bad as Falou that back their way in to playing time. The last reason I think this will be an improved unit is most football players have pretty big egos(you have too, to make it to the NFL) and this group has taken a serious shot to their from all the criticism last season. I have to think that this will give them that extra push to make things happen.
perry also played out of position last year...he played lg in chicago...i think searcy will win the job....if they move dixon to lt then perry will have a battle on his hands with nails...i think perry will end up as a backup...we will also have mckinney,smith or spriggs and i think cesario or andrew(or is he the 1 that retired?) as backups this year.. we will have a lot more depth this year...and obviously a better rb...
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