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Ok guys...Here it is..here's our playoff scenario


Mark Clayton
Sep 3, 2001
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I heard on NFL Primetime last night that if we win 1 of our 2 last games we get a playoff spot...Unfortunately..it is the only way to go right now so it's do or die time fellas....One more game is all we need :D
Don't start with me today man :yell: I don't want to hear your **** :yell:
Has somebody told the bills that there is no such thing as a 1st Round pick next Yr.....So stop trying to compete with the Lions!!!

P.S. Whats the diffrence between the Barfallo Jills and a $1????

You can still get 4 Quarters out of a dollar!:lol: :lol: :D :lol:
With playoff scenario this week, Dolphins could become ONLY NFL team to earn playoff berth in each of past 5 seasons. :D
At least we make the playoffs, there Buffalo Dude!! It's not like we get blown out in SUPER BOWLS or wide right!!! LOL!! Sorry your team is sooooo sad!!

Playoffs? PLAYOFFS?? Are you kidding me? I just hope we can win a game!!! - Jim Mora(repeating the same thoughts as wanny..)
Playoffs? HAH!

If I can playoff the fact that life is a big bowl of sheeyat and I'm eating it for breakfast then maybe I'll stop trying to run my car into a building. Life's a bitch, get it over with!:evil:
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