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Ok guys ..My birthday is Mon Dec 3


Mark Clayton
Sep 3, 2001
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yeah yeah..I'm a old fart ;) LOL I feel it already cause I have a cold...Anyways...here is my birthday list :D

1. I want the Dolphins to win against the Broncos
2. I want a nice pretty girlfriend to keep me warm this winter :p ;) If you can get Brittany Spears..that's just dandy ;) :D
3. I want the Virginia Tech Hokies to win but then again I don't want Miami to lose tomorrow either...Either way works but being as VT already got into a bowl and they don't need a win to get into one..they can lose this one ;) Either way..I win :)
4. I want the Jets to lose to the Patriots on Sun...It's not a low blow..but being as I'm a Dolphin fan and we can get first place with a Dolphins win and a Jets loss..The more the merryer!
5.A win in my Fantasy League
6.Get rid of this damn cold!! :yell:

I usually don't get too excited about my birthdays..Just another day for me :cry:
Brittney Spears is out of the question! :lol:

As far as a Dolphins and Patriots victory, I will see what I can do for ya! ;)

Get well soon! :)
:nono: I was thinking Flyin11 made his way back to the boards.:(

Maybe he'll come around sometime.
Whatever happen to him? I remember him when I used to come here as another name
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