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OK here is that Camp Report for the Defense


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Apr 3, 2002
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OK I'M sure most of you are wondering why the heck I have not posted the Defense yet. Sorry but better late than never.

Lets start with the Lineman:

How about the DE's, one worth mentioning is Darryl Gardener! On Friday I mentioned how well he did, so today I took a good look at him, just to make sure. He sure does look a little funny lined up at End, but he comes off the ball with very very good explosiveness. BUT what I really liked was seeing him go to JT, and ask some questions on techniques, angles, and shifting motions. He is taking this thing to heart and seems very comfortable. He runs a little awkward, but I guess it's because of his size. By the way JT and DG were switching back and forth numerous times, constantly talking to each other, making sure they get on the same page for every play. Darryl was in t he backfield disrupting the QB more than a couple of times. He did look lost once or twice, but it has to be expected for now! My Grade on him is A+ Attitude, Willingness, Hard Work, and Effort.....So far he has it all!

Things could be very interesting to say the least at End because their are three more Ends catching more than just my eye. The first being David Bowens, who has cat like speed for a big guy. He will be a definite force this year on passing downs, and COULD give DG a run for his money as a full timer, IF given the chance! I was watching the D-Line practice by themselves on Friday, and they laid for blocking pads (four feet long by a foot or so wide) on the ground, in line spaced about two feet apart. They had each Lineman start at one end running straight up to the top of the first pad, crossing into the gap between them, then backwards to the end of the second pad, crossing into the next lane straight up to the top of the next pad.....and so on. Doing this as fast as they could, then at the end a ball was dropped on the ground awkwardly as if a fumble, the lineman had to fetch it up. David Bowens BLEW THRU THIS DRILL like second it was a second nature to him. He had to have beaten every lineman by more than DOUBLE in times! Over and over. JT made the crowd laugh, by tripping over his own feet on the first run, then falling over himself again trying to get the ball. All this may sound a little boring on paper but let me tell you that watching it was much different. IT LOOKED VERY DIFFICULT for BIG GUYS TO DO!!! Besides all that Bowens made his presence known by getting to the Qb three times and was constantly getting by his man. How anyone let this guy get past them is beyond me!

Wally (Ogunleye) is another that looks to be in great shape, he made several nice plays and drew praise from Bates quite a few times in individual drills! He and Bowens should be locks to make the team.

There is a new guy in Camp that I thought did an admiral job. Al Wallace is his name. He gets off the ball pretty quick, and had two sacks that I noticed. Depending on how many D-Lineman they keep this could get very interesting a Defensive End come July! That's if these above four keep playing like this thru Camps. When the Pads are on things could change though...

The DT's are one of the main reasons why the Qb's were getting pressured so much, this could really have a lot to do with not wearing pads. It's just not allowed to get THAT PHYSICAL on the inside! So assessing them at this time is senseless.
I did take notice of one DT, his name is James Atkins. He has the size to play inside, he moves fairly well, and gets his hands extended pretty quick. Kind of a Timbo built Tackle, looking hard to move fits Miami's scheme at DT....

On to the Lb's:

Zach looks like he is 100%, and we all know what he brings, once the pads get strapped on and some hitting is allowed, a sure WRECK is bound to happen at least once or twice between He and RW's. Can't wait for that, but I just pray for no INJURIES. These two are way to intense. :)

Rodgers has taken over as the team leader for another year, leading a fight call with the whole team before warm-ups. I've never been overly impressed with Rodgers, and have only wanted too murder him a few times. Again I did not see any plays that he either stood out on for being burned or making a nice play on......could be good could be bad!

Morlon Greenwood did catch my eye more than once! I left Sunday having a much better feeling that he can produce very well this year. He was in the right place quite a few times. He batted down two passes, and used his speed to converge perfectly when a run went his way. He looks very fast, and also looks like he has been studying his position this offseason. He also looks like he has spent lots of time in the weight room. His upper body has gotten bigger for sure, most notably his arms!

Scot Galyon finally looks to be recovered from his knee injury. I did not notice a limp. He knows all the Lb positions well, and hopefully can be that adequate back up that Miami needs and hoped he would be when he was signed.

Linebacker is one position that worries me! Not enough Quality depth! Just a bunch of good ST'ers.....

Db's.....Miami strong spot by a far margin.

It's real comforting to see the starting Corners constantly walking up too and taking verbal notes from their coach Mel Phillips! These guys could be sitting back saying yeah yeah I know I know but they don't, ESPECIALLY Surtain. If coach has something to say to them their heads turn with ears open, not just to get him off their backs either. He is one of the best, and they know it! That in my opinion is what makes one of the best Cb tandems in the NFL!

With both starting wideouts not participating both Surtain, and Madison pretty much shut down the replacements!

Jamar Fletcher is not left out here! He is also listening to coach Phillips, who is spending EXTRA TIME with Fletch! I think he is going to be another very good Cb, starting this year!! Fletcher is pretty much, only playing Corner, so we can all expect Surtain to move inside and play nickel. Fletcher's style is very aggressive, reading off the Qb's eyes, but almost too directly, and I think that really hurt him last year. Now it seems he is trying to keep his head more towards the Wr, concentrating more on his HIPS, which tells all movements, while still trying to keep a view of the Qb....... Fletcher made a real nice play, stepping right in the path of the ball by simply keeping the Wr at a perfect angle on his cut, all he had to do is a quarter turn and step once toward the ball. Oh yeah all was not great......he dropped it, but drew praise from Phillips, and his mates! We'll see soon enough with him!

Omare Lowe's size tells me he would make the perfect Dime Back. Constantly covering the Rb out of the backfield is nearly impossible. Lowe has the speed to cover them, and has the size to get them to the ground quickly if they do in fact catch it! This is one position that has killed Miami in recent past! With Cousins gone Lowe could make an impact, by listening to his mates, and watching lots of film. But he will have some very good competition it seems.............

His name is Ray Green, he totally blew me away, both on Friday, and on Sunday, then I get home only to read that I missed his most impressive day (Saturday he had two Int's, both for long Td's) but I still got to see this guy make some near perfect reads all during practice! He was hooked up on Simmons and kept semi tight coverage on him, giving the Qb just enough room to think that the cut would make enough space to throw it and complete it. No sooner did the Qb (McNown) release the ball did Green make his move, stepping right into the path, easily make the catch in stride, on his way to the ENDZONE!!!! Oh he drew raves from the crowd, as I looked around, all I saw was everyone scrambling to their rosters, and the only words I herd were......WHO IS THIS GUY!!!
Could it be the PADS thing again? Well, I read up on him a bit and found out that he has been around, getting cut by the Caroline Panthers of all teams, but he has been with Miami since last October, so hopefully Coach Phillips has helped, and it's not just a PADS thing! Totally Impressed for now!

It's also nice to see a vocal leader back with Miami. Brock Marion knows this system as well as anyone, and is very helpful to all the Db's. He constantly points out if someone is out of place, doing it ever so nicely, while at the same time being steadfast that their in the wrong.

Auturo Freeman looks real good in passing situations, but I really expected this from him, he also knows where his run lanes are, but what I want to see is him with some pads on taking a few shots from the Rb's. Playing SS, he will be the man coming up a giving that needed run support. Lets give it a little time for better assessment of him.......so far so good though!

Well, It's late and I need sleep!!

If I forgot anyone.... let me know and I'll see what I can do!

I hope everyone enjoys the reading, and remember Go Dolphins!

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Thanks Oz.Just out of curiosity,does practicing without pads benefit certain positions in practice ?Offense over defense,or vice versa?Does certain positions(when pads are off)tend to have an advantage?
great report Ozzy - D sounds solid.

I do not like our depth at LB as well, especially since there is no mention of Hendricks and Corey Moore is hurt. Rodgers or Gaylon can probably back up Zach, but does not sound like we have a clear backup.
lets pray for few injuries. depth at several positions seem to be in question, on both sides of the ball. not as much on defense though!
Originally posted by va dolfan
Thanks Oz.Just out of curiosity,does practicing without pads benefit certain positions in practice ?Offense over defense,or vice versa?Does certain positions(when pads are off)tend to have an advantage?

Playing without pads helps the Wr's and Db's speed, this is pretty much a wash though.

Also the Qb has a little more range in his throwing arm.

The DE has the most benefit from it, especially if there is a Lb blitz.

Playing with pads gives the O-line, DT's, Rb's, TE, Lb's and FB's a much less chance of getting hurt, so they can bang more......
Great Camp Report }}}

Ozzy,, I too, am concerned with the L-B core ! the Phins need to find a steady competitive Zach clone, to give Thomas a breather. The guy the Dolphins picked up in Oct or Nov last season Corey Moore,, I have read some interesting info on him, the jILLS expected him to start but I think he had a real bad ankle sprain ??I hope Moore is expected back soon, because from what I have read he could be another D - Bowens .. I still do not believe that Bowens was sitting at home when the Dolphins called him---- what a find ...:D ;) Marino1983
What about Chester, the FA from Carolina? How is he doing?
Originally posted by booyeah_
What about Chester, the FA from Carolina? How is he doing?
he was hurt with a minor injury last I heard
Originally posted by booyeah_
What about Chester, the FA from Carolina? How is he doing?

Chester broke his leg last year, and is being held out of team drills for now. However, he is doing individual drills at camp.
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