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OK time to push things along

stan marino

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Apr 27, 2002
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Pix will have 5 hours to be made or it the bpa will be selected for u(not necessarily a need position) No pix will be made between 11 pm est to 9pm est so if the 5 hour limit is not up before 11pm est then the pick wont be made till morning. We gotta speed this thing along guys its dragin horribly now.

If somebody else has a better idea then let me know. Something needs to be done. And if u missed ur pick and have a complaint..........ummm well i'll apologize now....Sorry.
Sounds excellent. How about using this thread to post bullpen lists? Now there are no excuses for missing our slots.
Thats a great idea stan. Now i wont have to wait so long for my time to pick.
yeah... its getting a little thin now.

Let's get this going guys!!!
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