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One Game At A Time....


May 21, 2002
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Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Let's not get too over confident about this one. The Lions were expected to get destroyed, and they were....

I'm going to enjoy this one, and I'm sure the guys on the team will too, but with the Colts next, we can be sure it will be a much tougher defensive challenge. We need to make sure we take it ONE GAME AT A TIME.....

Those stinkn' Jets always get the lucky breaks!!!!

PHINZ RULE!!!!:fire:
Destroyed is one thing. Scoring 49 points is another. Thats not supposed to happen. The defense was the strongest aspect of that team. We had like 180 yards rushing against one of the best defensive lines in the league.

Its the Norv Turner offense and Ricky Williams simple enough. Last year if we played the same Detroit team we would have probably won the game like 21-6.
I agree CK..the Lions are in the NFL...this kind of score is not suppose to happen..the Lions weren't that great last time we played them and we didn't destroy like this..49 points..Man that puts Miami at the top in scoring Offense and the 1st O only played 3 qtrs..well with Ricky any way..A real test of our team will began next week in Indy.
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