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Only need four more people

Okay, we're down to one final spot. I currently have 3 people asking for the last spot, and I've created a waiting list.

Finheaven Fantasy Football Waiting List


1.) Sammy Touati ( - WAITING FOR RESPONSE
2.) Chris Wilkinson ( - WAITING LIST
3.) Stan and Heather ( - WAITING LIST

If Sammy there doesn't respond by tomorrow, I will send an email to the next person on the list, and bump Sammy down to the bottom. The next person then has 24 hours to respond. You can still email me at or IM me on AIM (mikeb1283) but be aware you will be put on this waiting list.

The league is officially full. Sorry to those who emailed me and had to get a rejection reply. I didn't want to have to turn anyone away but that is the case now. Thanks to everyone who inquired about joining the league, maybe we'll see you next year. Any of the moderators can close this thread now.
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