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Jan 27, 2002
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I know its a little slow right now---although its been a good day....with the signing of ROB BURNETT.

The Dolphins will now turn their attention to signing their draft picks.....with SETH McKINNEY being the first priority of business. His agent and the Dolphins have already begun the parameters of a real problems are expected. With the rookies now....its pretty much a slotting position process...where the teams make comparable offers to last years draft choices taken in the same slot (draft round, #). Its pretty much down to a science now....the only problems the Dolphins will have with the on the signing bonuses.

I am going to predict right now.....that all the Dolphins draft picks....will make the team....with probably being LEONARD HENRY....on the practice the very least.

The only rookie who I would say is a real long-shot...and I don't see him making the CB OMAR LOWE. He would really have to blow the coaches away when the pads come on in July....he is my long shot.

SETH MCKINNEY has been superb fudamentally speaking so far. This kid has come in and has showed lots of maturity for a rookie. He is working at both Center and Guard...and he will provide good insurance at both positions this season. He will be starting at center...possibly next season. And if RUDDY falters anytime this season....Mckinney may be called on earlier than expected. This looks like a very solid the second round.

TE RANDY still dropping too many balls....but his athleticism is why the Dolphins picked him. He has been going down the middle of the field...on the fly....and I think he will he used as the "home run" TE. Meaning that McMICHEAL will be used in the longer routes... It looks like McMICHAEL has a lot of talent....but its raw....and its going to take some time until he really gets going in this offense. He will be a factor...probably later in the season.

RB LEONARD HENRY......has been impressive as well. He has a good burst...and he seems to catch the ball out of the backfield fairly well. This is a guy who I think will end up on the practice squad....a guy who we can develop...and be ready to play in case someone goes down. I think the coaches got more than they thought....when they really got a glimpse of HENRY at these past camps.

WR....SAM SIMMONS......seems to be very active in many drills....he wants to be the second coming of CRASH JENSEN....and is asking the coaches to play him anywhere. He will make his mark on the special teams....on both ends...they will see how he handles punts in the pre-season. SIMMONS is also working in the slot...and has looked good so just about everything that he is doing. He also is a pretty smart guy....a very mature guy.

These guys are the players I would really keep an eye on.... as far as the draft picks go. All said.,..I think the DOlphins did a very good job in what they had going into this past draft...with such few selections.

The FA Punter.....CASEY the definately in this punting mix so far. He and MARK ROYALS are having a nice, friendly battle. I do think though....if its really even....that ROYALS will win the job. ROYALS is the veteran....and is closer to OLINDO MARE than the novice...ROUSSEL. ROUSSEL has to clearly beat out ROYALS....that is the bottom line. Any close it is now...its going to be the veteran...ROYALS.

And I know there has been lots of talk about....JOSHUA SYMONETTE...the LB who is barely 5-11. He may be as tall as ZACH THOMAS.....but believe me.....he is no ZACH THOMAS.

Finally.....biggest impact on the defense could be the improved play of MERLON GREENWOOD. He has been very impressive in camp....and studies that playbook wherever he goes. If his play reaches close to the play of ZACHS out there.....this defense is going to be one of the very best in football. I really do think GREENWOOD....more than anyone else on that a major key. He does not look right now to be a qustion mark on that defense. He looks like he is ready to have a great season...the guy is fired up.

I don';t see any weaknesses on that defense.....the BURNETT signing takes away the losses of MIXON and BROMELL...and with the moves of CHESTER and GARDENER.....look out for some hell-raising on that line this season.

On offense.....its the LT spot that really bothers me. I love BRENT SMITH as a person....but I want a mean, nasty guy over there...and just what I said....a nice guy who may not be able to cut it for an entire year over there. DIXON is still a possibbility over there....and the decision will be made very early on in camp...when the pads come on. I have heard that the scrimmages against the TITANS will be a tell-all....about the play of both SMITH and SPRIGGS for that matter.

Well....that should get some things going around here... DCH
Encore! Encore!

Thank you for the news. We all appreciate it.
Just a very small correction. Seth McKinney was drafted in round three.

Otherwise, great stuff DCH. :)
I'm Rooting for Sam Simmons

I read an article on how he's married has two little kids,is balancing football and getting his degree,and supporting his family. He has his nose to the grindstone trying to make good. You can help but root for him. And you can never have to many guys like that on your football team.
DCH: Posted
"The only rookie who I would say is a real long-shot...and I don't see him making the CB OMAR LOWE. He would really have to blow the coaches away when the pads come on in July....he is my long shot. "

I probably agree with you there...With D. Brown and S. Sheild in NFLEurope playing well and Jamar and Ray here...Lowe looks to have a very steel uphill battle to make this roster..But injuries have been known to help some people..Hopefully we have a relatively injury free camp..

I'm not so sure Leonard won't be on this team..I haven't heard much about R. Edwards..I know he's doing pretty good from what little we get, but no ones talking with open jaws, about him, so a heathy rb (with upside) maybe taken over one with some questions,,but that is what TC is all about,,,to answer questions..we'll see.
Great post....

I think the question marks at the LT position are still in the back of every Dolphins fans head.....It is mainly because of all the injuries last year. The players themselves are all capable of playing at a strong level. Health issues are causing the questions...

B. Smith should, at the very least, be able to play at the same level S. Falou did as a 3rd stringer. M. Spriggs was actually much better than I had expected when he replaced B. Smith, so right now, the LT position should be alright......

I still think the addition of L. Searcy at RG will prove to be a big improvement over T. Perry. We were weak up the middle last year, and with M. Dixon/T. Ruddy/L. Searcy taking over, we should be much more physical as well.....

The LT is an unknown as of now, but if B. Smith "can't" play as well as S. Falou did last year, I'd be very shocked. We should be much better with B. Smith returning....

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life is good :D unless you are Jay dropping back to pass and are not sure about the guy whose got your back :( - bring Webb back :goof:
Re: Thanks DCH but

Originally posted by jaxdolfan
yeah '87 senior editor guy how'd you miss that :p ;)

just kiddin' - bring on the news - we'll edit it later :D

Originally posted by dolphan39

life is good :D unless you are Jay dropping back to pass and are not sure about the guy whose got your back :( - bring Webb back :goof:

god how true that is!
Also Jermaine Hailey

A few nights ago Drew Rosenhaus, who does a weekly Dolphins segment on Fox's Miami affiliate, said that Morlon Greenwood and Jermaine Hailey were doing well in the defense. Any thoughts DCH?
What's with the DCH Nitpicking

The Guy Give us scads up upfront info, and great scoop( that pans the way he calls it 99.9% of the time),and people still have to correct little mistakes. What gives. I don't see this kind of fine tooth combing over other posters. The guy deserves his props.

Thanks for the Scoop DCH!
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