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Dec 12, 2001
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That is all you can look at in the first preseason game. There wasn't anything that we did horibly bad at so we have to focus on the positve.

Ray Lucas: What can you say about his performance tonight besides perfect. He looked great on just about every play, he made great reads, he had made great throws, and he was even great on the play action. The thing that I liked most about seeing Ray tonight is he really looked comfortable in this offense. How many teams can really say that in the NFL with almost every team's 2nd QB being a rookie or 1st year free agent. God forbid anything should happen to Jay, but if it does we have a guy that got a lot of action in training camp, apears to be comfortable in the offense, and can do everything that our starter can do so Norv doesn't have to try to chnge the offense.

Robert Baker: I posted about this kid a week ago, and he took the first step towards proving me right tonight. What did he have 5 catches for nearly 100 yards in 2 quarters, not bad. The thing that impresed me about him is he made catches in every postion a wr plays. He made plays out of the slot, he made a huge play on a deep pass, and he also did a couple OG impersonations as a possesion WR. The problem is he is playing behind 4 locks at WR ahead of him, and he hasn't shown that he is a special teams threat. I would have to think that Dave may be rethinking his first thought of keeping 6 backs and 5 wrs. Baker looks as though he will force Dave to keep his as the 5th WR, and then keep someone else as a KR/PR. If Ward or Mcknight get any injury problems they better play anyway because Baker may steal their postion.

OGunleye: Wow! Wow! Wow! He out powered, our ran, and out thought every one on the Bucs o-line on his way to 4-5 sacks. His most impressive play was when they were interveiwing Robert Edwards and he just threw Walker to the side with one hand then slammed King to the ground. I hope he earned a chance to start against the Saints on Thursday so we can get a better idea of what he can do. But Wow!

Others worthy of a mention: Mcmichael looked very good on his only catch, Konrad looked very good catching and then runing afterwards, and the DT Taylor had a sack and played solid he looks as though he will push Haley and Gant for the 3rd DT spot.

The only negative that I will mention is something I said last night Kustok does not belong in the NFL. His passes look like helium balloons, and he telegraphs his passes more than the 12 year old qb i coached 2 years ago. He will not be a Dolphin by the weekend.
The biggest Positive and the REAL VICTORY was comming out of the game unscathed, unharmmed, and injury free!!!

One more thing about tonight I really like that goes with out notice is I don't think we had one 3rd down play with more than 5 yards to go in the first half. We had a lot of penaltys and bone head plays that stopped us from moving the chains, but Norv's offense put us in a postion with a makeable 3rd down every series. When every one gets a bit more comfortable we will see alot more of these converted, but it apears we wont see as many 3rd and 8s or 3rd and 9s as we did last year in Chan's offense.
Yeah now that you mention it I didn't see many third and long situations........we'll see if by next game the Phins start a trend....

Good observation.....
I was wrong there was 1 in the 1st half. The bootleg pass to a cutting Baker around the 10 yard line was on 3rd and 7, but that was it every other 3rd down was 3rd and 5 or fewer.
Robert Baker is also a threat as a kick returner. In fact he ripped an impressive TD on a kickoff (?) return I beleive in one of the past seasons before he got injured.

I think we didn't see him tonight, because they wanted to get a long good look at Albert Johnson. Rotating in and out makes it tough for evaluating. So, I'm betting we will see baker with the majority of the returns next week. At least I'm hoping.
I pretty much agree with you on all counts Dajesus. Baker looked incredible and I look forward to seeing this guy develop further. I also adamantly agree that Kustok has absolutely no place on an NFL roster. That was one of the worst displays of QB'ing I've ever seen. I'm looking forward to seeing Levick out there on the field- hopefully he looks A LOT better, otherwise we might have a serious hole in the third QB spot. Considering Cade doesn't look like he's going to make the 49ers roster, it might be looking more and more like we should have kept him around.
Cade's hurt and will be on IR and thus giving us that 7th rd pick.
Originally posted by Phinstd
Cade's hurt and will be on IR and thus giving us that 7th rd pick.

Cade's hurt from an injury sustained in Chicago and has fallen to the #4 slot in San Fran which means that there are absolutely no gaurentees that he'll be placed on IR and not released outright. He is still on the active preseason roster which means they want to see what they have before giving up any kind of pick to anyone. My guess is, he'll be released before the end of TC.
In the 49er last game the announcers said that the 49er want to keep Cade..He going to have surgery on his should..I think it was a torn rotary cluff...not sure..but they wanted to see more of him so he will be put on IR.
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