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Opinion: D. Rodgers Private Signing


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Jan 17, 2002
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hello i am supposely getting ready to have a signing with Dolphins LB Derrick Rodgers, but before i go through with teh deal, i was wondering would anyone be interested in the signing or giving their opinion why or why not to do teh signing?
I like Derrick. He is solid, and as a matter of fact, I have an autographed 8x10 of him.

If you do go through with it, will you please let him know that Fin Heaven would like to do a over the phone interview with him? We are attempting to branch out to some of the players, and let them voice how they feel about the fans, the organization, and football in general.

We would appreciate it.

I asked his agent before

he said its a $1000 to do an over the phone interview with Derrick..
lol..well, that is interesting. Kinda puts the stamp of money hungry player on him. That's too bad, because this site is run by, and also viewed by fans. So for us to fork over a grand to have the simple opportunity to interview him is not gonna happen.

Seems to me like being friendly with his fan base would make him a more popular player. However in the end, it all comes down to $$$$ with these guys.

I have a question for everyone, why do we support them?

Hell even Marino wants a $1000.00 to throw you a pass across a room. We are nothing but a $ in the eyes of the players, and that kind of bothers me a bit. Something I will be thinking about for awhile.

Maybe Oronde Gadsden might do an interview for free.DolFan Doug has a transcript of it at his site...

..Its true though,we do we support them? Players dont care about us,we are just $ to their eyes,and they wonder why the playoff games dont sell out anymore,why sports is on a general decline in every sport(baseball,basketball,even football!).Its like this in every sport.Their agents dont help either.Most brainwash them into thinking about the money and then they buy into it.Other athletes just play for the money(i.e. Edgerrin James).Did you guys read about the Portland TrailBlazers of the NBA in Sports Illustrated?? We really dont matter to the players...

Sports is starting to suck.

:monkey: on money hungry players and their agents.
Derrick Rogers is overrated!! I wouldn't pay a penny to have him sign anything! ZACH NEEDS LINEBACKER HELP!!!! Anyone interested?
After his crappy season, maybe Lamar would do it for free.It's the least he could do for the fans after this season.
that guy gaylon........

Originally posted by Phinmaster1354
Derrick Rogers is overrated!! I wouldn't pay a penny to have him sign anything! ZACH NEEDS LINEBACKER HELP!!!! Anyone interested?
sure looked good against the bills, they should use him more!:rolleyes:
I'll pay Derrick Rodgers $1000 for a phone interview if he calls from the Super Bowl victory party after the Dolphins win it all. Only then.
Money grubbing @%&&#*%$#!!!!
I agree 06 about Scott Galyon, he had a very strong showing against the BILLS!! But the thing is, he's a bit of a POTATO CHIP!!! He is often injured and against the RAVENS, he and Greenwood were get pushed 5-10 yards down the field!! I think he has the potential to come into camp and compete and he is a good backup!
Everyone was getting pushed 5-10 yards downfield by the Ravens. Even Zach.
TRUE! But ZACH was the only one tackling, or should I say stopping their running backs!BOWENS was getting double teamed the entire game and the rest of the D-LINE looked like bowling pins!! 22 tackles with a blown out shoulder!! That takes heart and balls!!! He wasn't embarrassing like Greenwood and Galyon were!
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