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Optimistic Mock Draft


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Feb 24, 2005
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Say by some minor miracle we manage to pull off the trade down suggested by Peter King in MMQB whereby we trade down to #5 with Tampa picking up there 2nd (#36) and 3rd (#71) rounders then trade down again with Minny for there #7 and 2nd rounder (#49) (not that i can see a reason for them to trade up at this point but like the title says "optimistic") and also pick up a 2nd (#46) from KC for Surtain

#7. Cedric Benson - RB - Texas
Take whichever of the "Big 3" Running backs still on the board which to me seems most likely to be Benson

#36. Brodney Pool - FS - Oklahoma
Pool could come in and start immediately filling the biggest hole in our secondary and allowing Tebucky Jones to play SS where he was effective in NE

#46. Mike Patterson - DT - USC
Providing there isn't a run in DT's then there is a chance Patterson is still around here in the mid 2nd, Patterson has the quickness and explosiveness to get into the backfield and would be an effective inside rusher in 4-3 allignment

#49. David Baas - OG/C - Michigan
An instant upgrade and likely opening day starter at C or RG

#70. Adrian Mcpherson - QB - Florida State
Mcpherson has a cannon arm and great mobility, still a project however could sit behind Feeley/Frerotte for a year learning the offence and preparing to start in 06

#71 Roscoe Parrish - WR - Miami
Parrish adds deep threat speed and big play ability to the passing game, LSU CB Corry Webster could be another option here with a receiver taken in the 4th

#104. Reynaldo Hill - CB - Florida
would start on nickel or dime duty potentially replacing Madison in a season or two

#138. Anthony Bryant - DT - Alabama
Bryant brings excellent size as a two gap tackle in the 3-4

#216. Trent Cole - OLB/DE - Cincinnati
Primarily a pass rusher who could line up as a weakside linebacker in the 3-4

Like i said i don't really see us being able to trade down twice but stranger things have happened .... and its my first mock on finheaven so go easy on me :)
if that worked out everything would be awesome, that is a great mock, to bad this prolly wont happen:(
i really like that mock. If that were to happen id be soo happy. One thing i might change is Travis Daniels instead of Renaldo Hill.
i'd love that to happen.

couple of things... patterson is small to play DT/DE for us.

As for Oline, I like David Baas, he is a great player, but with a genuine need for a C, I think that Chris Spencer would be a better pick.
finsnchips said:
i'd love that to happen.

couple of things... patterson is small to play DT/DE for us.

As for Oline, I like David Baas, he is a great player, but with a genuine need for a C, I think that Chris Spencer would be a better pick.
I know what you mean about patterson but i think it comes down to what balance of 3-4 and 4-3 saban is looking to play in the 4-3 with a big body alongside him i think patterson can be effective, but as you say he doesn't have the size for the 3-4

As for spencer i think your right in that he is the better pure center, i suppose it depends on how the wade smith at C experiment is going
I would rather have Caddy then Benson, but either would be OK. I would also like to get Cambell, the QB from Auburn to match up with Caddy, but it looks like Washington is going to take him at #25, so we would have to trade back up. I think we could, but probably not feasible. Good mock.
I had a similar mock with fewer trades. Minny will trade their two firsts to us to ensure they get Edwards and we get the second from KC in the Surtain trade. The fcous of this draft would be ATHLETES!!!
Here we go:
1) Brown. Benson will get picked by the bears as they would want a bruising type back in the black and blue division.
1) Shawn Merriman. I know, I know he wont fall to 18. If Dallas picks James he may fall. If he doesn't how about Matt Jones. :eek:
2) Brondney Poole. Love him at this spot and would be a nice compliment to Jones at SS.
3) Adrian McPherson. Nice time to take another flyer on a guy that could be incredible, especially at a position that MAY be a need.
4) If we dont take jones I would love to see Courney Roby here. Sentimental, but also a good spreed receiver.
5) Anthony Bryant. Another potential need down the road and has a great DT body.
7) BPA- I would target a hard hitting LB for special teams or even a kicker. I cont see keeping Mare much longer with his declining skill set and inclining cap number.
I'd be happy with everything except the McPherson pick....he's a novelty, nothing more, he'll never work aout to anything in this league.
jnewmant said:
i don't like the Parrish pick, he's too small and inconsistent
True, to be honest i was thinking Cory Webster there but i didn't think he'd fall that far and i couldn't think of a 4th round receiver (Roby maybe?) so swapped the picks
I don't think Baas is gonna be there at 49
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