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Optimistic Reminder


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Aug 5, 2002
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Bellingham, MA
In 2000 Jay threw 2 or 3 picks in a pre-season game against the Saints which was the only game he played in following the hip surgery on his other hip. That was the game that DW decided he would be are starting QB. He has since led us to 2 straight 11-5 seasons and playoff appearences. In fact last year we had 5 4th quarter comebacks and absolutely no running game. A while back Mr. Marino came back from an achilles tendon injury and looked so bad in the pre-season I was thinking coach Shula might be better off starting Kosar for the opener against New England. Well Dan came out and threw for 473 yards and 5 touchdowns. When he came back from the shoulder injury in 99 he threw 5 INT's against Dallas on Thanksgiving day (Yatil Green's best game as a PRO ;)). Now we all know Jay will never be Dan but the damn guy has had success with our football team. PLEASE give him a chance its FREAKIN PRE-SEASON. If Jay looks bad against Detroit and Indy we can spank him but for now forget it. There will be many practices and a gameplan for Houston so lets just sit back and wait.
Agreed..good post and right prospective.
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