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Ot Blake Brockemyer....


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Jan 27, 2002
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It appears that the CHICAGO BEARS will have to release starting LT--BLAKE BROCKEMYER...due to cap restraints. The Bears had picked up BROCKEMYER, I believe after DAVE WANNSTEDT had already been fired by the BEARS....however..there is no doubt in my mind that RICK SPIELMAN was there at the time.
I know BROCKEMYER has had some injuries in the past...but this is could be someone who SPIELMAN might want to bring in for a visit---to to see what type of money it would take to sign him. WITH BIG BLAKE...and BIG CAT WILLIAMS opening the left and right turns for the A-TRAIN....this is definately someone I wouldn't mind seeing at LT...in front of RICKY. Hey...isn't BLAKE from the same school as RICKY..although a tad older?
If anyone has any info on BROCKEMYER...his age, injuries, etc....please post.
Yes! This would be a great addition for the Dolphins. Brokermeyer is a former UT player who was a total stud. He was also one of Carolina's first pick when they first came into the league. Man this would be great if Blake gets signed!

BTW, Blake played ball at UT from 91-94. I would assume he's around 31 or 32. BIG BIG Man.
I dont think we have a shot at Blake. He's 28, damn good, & will demand more dough than we probably have, but I would love for us to land him.

we were going to sign kruetz to huge money, we obviously had the room some where!

i realize we will not be offering blake that much cash, but we obviously had the means to sign olin to that huge deal, so i am sure if wan-spiel wants him, they can find the space.

i think that his injury from last year is the the question, not so much the money.

i would love to sign him if he can pass a physical and make the mini camps.

with norvs new system, every body, including the gator aid chick, needs to be present from day one!!
Re: blake............

Originally posted by clayton83
we were going to sign kruetz to huge money, we obviously had the room some where!
Marion got lots of that money, but not all ;) I expect Brokermeyer to get a decent enough contract that we could not afford him with some major cap manuevering.
What I've read so far indicates he had an injury in Nov. and then finished the season playing on it. What it was I am not sure, and how bad it got is problematical - there should be a very thorough medical exam before anything is signed. But, if he is healthy, it would definitely upgrade the O-line.
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