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Our #1 goal should be...


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Mar 22, 2005
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Our #1 goal should be to get out of the bottom ohe AFC East, that said doing this would give us at least an outside chance to make the playoffs, look at the Bills last year, they were 3rd but still couldve made the playoffs with a few more wins. It is just a shame to be the joke of the AFC East. Does anybosy agree or disagree with me? I think 1st or 2nd of the AFC East would be very hard, at least this year but the way you rebuild is take small steps. This year get out of the bottom. Next year, playoffs. Two years, super bowl. I think a super bowl in 2007 is a reasonable hope, depending on how we do this year, 2006 isn't completely out either, but highly doubtful. Opinions?
finfromthenorth said:
edwards will not be there at 5.

WTF? :roflmao: Force of habit?

And I think we're so close to really stepping up in this division. We're not the joke anyway, Tom Brady on SNL is.
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