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Our 5th round Ted Ginn Replacement

I don't see Shipley in the fifth round. You could be right about the 4th, but it all depends on what needs we address in the 1st and 3rd rounds.
I like this kid Jacoby Ford is fast a quick special team gamer who could boost our return game and maybe a receiver in 5 wide sets. I remember hearing something that he had off the field issues but i donno for sure

he has only the straight line speed like ginn not much lateral movement which you need as a returner.
Agreed with MMIkel on the Jacoby Ford similarities to Ginn.

The bigger question is 'Why another receiver?'

We already added Brandon Marshall. We have Bess, Hartline & Camarillo as our (proven) possession receivers.

Defense, Defense, Defense
he has only the straight line speed like ginn not much lateral movement which you need as a returner.
When you've got a guy who's 20-yard shuttle and 3-cone times are slower than a 268 lbs OLB (Brandon Graham) then he's more fast than quick. Ford is not quick.

I'd be fine with a Wes Welker type, more quick than fast. Actually someone like Walter Thurmond III, who can also play the slot on defense and has some return experience would be ideal. He's projected to go in the 4th or 5th round.
enough with the receivers... our receiver core is set now... every one has their role
the fifth is where i either pluck my te if i haven't already or go get an offensive guard/tackle for depth

maybe my nickle cb also if somethings there that can't be overlooked
A couple of mid round WR's with returnability.......

Andre Roberts led the nation in PR is 2008 and was very impressive at the SR Bowl
Joe Webb who has been compared to Josh Cribbs and who seems to have WR skills
Scott Long another developmental WR who is very quick

Who ever it is going to be will have to play ST teams to get on the field. Probably will have to be a gunner on the punt team and also play on the Kickoff coverage team in addition to his return duties. What got Ginn traded in addition to his limited WR skills was that he was limited in his availability on other ST units. The teams fifth WR has to be a core ST player as well that is going to get in on 15-20 ST plays a game.
I keep seeing J. Byers projected in the 5th - always bugged me. I love him, but with our needs, I don't want to add a C/G in the first four rounds. With the 5th, I'd love to add this kid. He was one of the best players at Senior Bowl week and the best offensive lineman I saw - going off practice and game footage on the NFL network. I don't think I saw him lose the entire week. He's competitive, agile, gritty. If I needed C/G help, I'd consider him well before the 5th.

At any rate, I hope he's there, and I hope we give him a good look.
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