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Our Current Roster


Dec 19, 2006
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Jupiter FL

8.Daunte Culpepper
17.Cleo Lemon
7.Gibran Hamdan


23.Ronnie Brown
38.Patrick Cobbs
.Jessie Chatman


40.Kyle Eckel


84.Chris Chambers
86.Marty Booker
82.Derek Hagen
16.Marcus Vick
15.P.K. Sam


.David Martin
87.Justin Pelle
85.Jason Rader
89.Tim Massaquoi
49.Aaron Halterman


79.Anthony Alabi


73.Dan Stevenson


66.Rex Hadnot


70.L.J. Shelton


72.Vernon Cary
67.Joe Toledo


98.Matt Roth


99.Jason Taylor

Defensive Tackel

91.Vonnie Holliday
62.Fred Evans
75.Manuel Wright
65.Rodrique Wright
60.Steve Fifita
76.Chase Page


61.Akbar Gbaja-Biamilla
50.Bobby Iwuchukwu


54.Zack Thomas
56.Derek Pope


52.Channing Crowder
51.Robert McCune


25.Will Allen
29.Andre Goodman
21.Travis Daniels
27.Shirdonya Mitchell


24.Renaldo Hill
32.Jason Allen


37.Yerimiah Bell


10.Olido Mare
2.Matt Prater


5.Donnie Jones
6.Ryan Flynn

I love What the front offcie is doing BUT.........Now I know were not done but this roster is looking :boohoo: I guess we will Finally Rebuild and thats a good thing even though we might not want to take the lumps this season. I am a Daunte Suppoter but at this piont I Say Trade/Relese him and Draft Brady Quinn or Try To trade up to get Jamarcus Russell. Finally we will Start over From The Ground up,but unless we have some Big Trade or Singings or Pull a New Orleans It looks like 6-10 (If Daunte Plays well Maby Better). Witch will not be all bad we will See young players Develop
Don't worry, it is only day 4 of free agency. Joey Porter is still a possibility and so is Jay Feeley. Plus, having 9 draft picks(4 on day one) will help shape the roster. We have plenty of time to start to mold this team.

We will probably take a step back or be 6-10 again in 07', but the moves being made now will only make this team better in the future.
I agree But If we Have a 6-10 5-11 or 4-12 Season People will say FIRE CAM CAMERON! Or He Was the Wrong Choice for this team not even giving him a chance
what about Keith Traylor and Travares Tillman??

LB Keith Adams as well. whatever happened to him by the way? he was solid in College and did fairly well for the Eagles when they had him.
I agree But If we Have a 6-10 5-11 or 4-12 Season People will say FIRE CAM CAMERON! Or He Was the Wrong Choice for this team not even giving him a chance
Of course fans will, but it is not the fans choice to fire them, it is Wayne's. Wayne will give Cameron at least three years and you don't have to worry about Cameron heading to a college team when the going gets tough. Every team has to re-build at some point, and the Dolphins have been putting that off for years. Time to stop the patch work and just explode the roster.

We have to build around the future stars of this team (Ronnie, Crowder, Roth, ect.) instead of trying to patch a team together for the older players (Zach, Taylor, ect.) I love Zach and Jason, and I hope they play here for at least a few more years, but I wouldn't continue the patch work just for them.
we have 36 players so we need another 16 players or so. we'll sign another 5 or 6 free agents hopefully porter and some mediocre wrs (kelley washington), olineman and linebackers. then with our draft and undrafted free agents we get another 10 roster spots for really young guys.
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