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Our free agent Draft choices!


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Oct 19, 2004
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For those of you who have doubts about the 52 players Miami brought in for a mini camp this week (many of which were free agent rookies), The Sporting News compiled a list of players who were UDFA's coming into there first year in the NFL. Two of those players were former Miami Dolphins (Ogunleye and Sammi Knight). A couple other small names you may have heard of would be Priest Holmes, Jake Delhome, Kurt Warner, Broncos WR Rod Smith, and Drew Bennett. Also they mentioned this TE who really had no impact on the Chargers last year. You may have heard of him his name is Antonio Gates.

Anyway what I am getting at is players such as Kay-Jay Harris and Brock Berlin, though they went undrafted, have the same equal opportunity to shine in the NFL as those who do get their name called on draft day. We could very easily have the next Jake Dehlomme or Priest Holmes in our lineups come August. So don't start doubting these guys before they take their first steps on an NFL field. NFL combines, a scout's analysis and what round someone is drafted generally can't gauge a players performance once he steps on a field. Or have we all forgotten some small player from Texas Tech that has been the staple of our defense for over 10 seasons now. :D
And for those five guys, there are also like 1000 that never amounted to anything, so i agree we must give them a chance to prove themselves, but i will not hand them any starting job or hall of fame status while they are still not even for sure on the roster
Doubt that will be the case. Most of those undrafted FA's who made an impact were either successful small college players who flew under the radar (Warner etc.) or players who were injured their Sr. year (Ogunleye).
Berlin was not injured and he played on arguably one of the most scrutinized teams in college football.
:cooldude:There's a undrafted free agent that went to the Pats out of LSU named Randle Gay.He played some great ball when he got his chance due to injuries at the end of last season.Oh and he also got a ring.Don't be surprised to see some impact from those FA LSU guys,Saban knows not only talent but charicter.:cooldude:
You never noe...even when you think you noe...you really don't noe...although I noe that we think we noe although we really don't noe.....you noe?
Section126 said:
You never noe...even when you think you noe...you really don't noe...although I noe that we think we noe although we really don't noe.....you noe?
I can see Kay Jay but sorry to say Berlin ain't shining in the NFL. I don't care how much of a chance that kid gets he ain't got the talent or the head. That much I noe!
Berlin right now is a developmental prospect but i read that qb coach jason garrett has the strongest arm in camp right now haha

Kay Jay isnt gonna get the chance to start but he could sub in for ronnie and keep him fresh during the season which im all for

Josh Davis imo is a steal cause hes not real fast but he catches everything thrown his way...and should be the solid #3 reciever
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