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Our o-line will be fine!


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Dec 12, 2001
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Albany, NY
I trully beleave this. Alot of guys are comming back from injury witch will instantly make this line better. We didn't add any superstars on the line, but we added enough depth so there won't be a repeat of last year, and enough quality guys to push the starters to be their best. Even with the line as banged up as it was last year our line did a good job of protecting Jay. Our running game was horrible but blame has to be placed on more than just the o-line. Lamar was horrible, and so was our play calling. I honestly think with Norv stretching the feild like he does, and RW in the backfeild this line could be top notch.
Untill they prove it ol- they are a ? mark

You could be optimistic that everything will work itself out on ol but we have to wait till training camp when the pads come on. Thats the biggest question with the dolphins - How will the ol play this year. Yes they brought in some players to fill holes and for depth but these players have as much questions about themselves as the guys they are competing against. Leon Seacy How many games has this guy played in the last two years? Suddenly at 32 years of age he going to stay healthy? Jamie Nails has an eating disorder( okay right now looks like he controlling his weight but you don't know what will happen when the season starts. Lets see the end of preseason games , to see how this ol is reesponding. Untill than Ol is a concern, no matter how The coaching staff or dolphan fansd spin it.
The O-line may or may not be the biggest concern on the field.....I mean sure there are questions and injuries could happen, but what position is safe from this kind of speculation?
One injury at RB (Williams), one injury at WR (Chambers) and one injury at LB (Zach) and we have big problems. At least with the o-line, if somebody goes down, the replacement will be near the same caliber.
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