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Our Offensive Line

Sounds good. I still like the sound of a Dixon-Nails-Ruddy-Searcy-Wade offensive line.

Gotta put your best 5 linemen on the field and quite frankly at this point Nails is probably a better linemen than Brent Smith. Nails use to be really somethin for run blocking back in Buffalo when he could keep his weight in check. He's at a "slim" 330 lbs now and the improved mobility along with his devastating run blocking ability could really help.
Wanne talks about the OL here as well http://www.miami.com/mld/miami/sports/football/nfl/miami_dolphins/3701463.htm and I believe that getting the depth the competition from 9 solid (if healthy) players greatly increases our chances of having a decent OL. Unfortunately, there are no guarantees that the too many of the walking wounded (Dixon, Spriggs, Smith and Searcy) will not recover or that Ruddy will no longer be effective. But in 2002 we have guys like Nails and McKinney to throw in there and T Perry will likely be better.
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