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Our Safety....

What Safety do you think we should sign?

  • B.Marion

    Votes: 17 68.0%
  • B.Bishop

    Votes: 2 8.0%
  • V.Green

    Votes: 2 8.0%
  • T.Parrish

    Votes: 4 16.0%

  • Total voters
I don`t recall seeing Green play but word is he`s a tough guy and will be an upgrade for run support. Maybe somebody can shed more light on him.
Marion fits into our defensive scheme better than V Green. Victor excells at run support, but everyone here knows that we play our safties back in coverage. I want Marion back.
I take that to mean; Green doesn`t cover as well as Brock. He`s obviously is slower. thanx
I think the Fins should sign Marion, but we will not be able to because of cap constraints this year and we will probably look to get a cheap or cheaper S and/or draft one
I would sign a safety and draft a OLmen if we have any picks left :rolleyes:
I would say try to sign Marion back first because he knows the system...

Originally posted by Capt. Dick
I don`t recall seeing Green play but word is he`s a tough guy and will be an upgrade for run support. Maybe somebody can shed more light on him.

BUT, Victor Green is by far, no way a down grade if he signs with us. Green is a flat out playmaker and he intercepted Marino a few times during the last few years of his BRILLIANT career. Green is much better at run support but Marion has better pass coverage skills (I think). I can't really grade Green on pass coverage becuase of the Jets scheme to play him close to the line. But we would not miss a beat if we signed any of them.

IMO, I think we might end up signing Tony Parrish. Parrish can stop the run and cover the pass pretty good. Plus he was in Chicago during the Wannie regime. I wouldn't mind if he was signed too.

But I want our own back first.
Originally posted by miadphan13
Marion come home! :)
hopefully Brock will be like Kreutz and try to get a deal from us that is in the ball park of any other offers before leaving :)
Next Money Move: Safety Needed

From what I understand....BROCK MARION is visiting the TITANS.....but the Dolphins by all means would like to have MARION back. Its basically the same situation as last year...where MARION and his agent will give the Dolphins the last chance to match another teams offer...if indeed one is made. The Dolphins would like MARION to sign a 1 year deal...there is still a good chance that MARION comes back...although if he does not...the Dolphins can still sign a couple of FA's who are very solid replacements.
S TONY PARRISH was brought in for a visit...and the Dolphins like both VICTOR GREEN and BLAINE BISHOP as other FA possibilities.
The DOlphins have lost BRIAN WALKER...but that loss is off-set by the ready-to-play...ARTURO FREEMAN.
With the available money from the KREUTZ offer....I would hope that the Dolphins get the Free Safety position finalized...next. The team wants MARION back...but how long can they wait...we these available players out there?
Guys. Bears fans are bitching yet again that we are going after their FA's. Tony Parrish apparently is a strong mutha who will knock the snot out of at least 4 WR's this year. Apparently he's got a knack for playing the run and knocking the snot outta any WR that crosses his path.
we should sign Parrish then if we can get him reasonably. I think Freeman really belongs at FS. Of course, last year Bates mostly played both Ss back so it did not matter which position was which, but that messed up the run D so I expect so changes there, particularly in moving the SS to the line on occasions (like the Ravens game :cry: )
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