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Our Season.......... looking on the POSITIVE side of things

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May 19, 2002
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Allright, our D is fine, we have the best secondary in the NFL, except for depth, which is not that big a deal if you look at it clearly. D.Rodgers is an idiot, if he is going to make bad decisions in real life then he would probably make bad descisions at work (football). He was not crucial, but he was nice to have. now if it was ricky or zach, i would be very very concerned.

Now to offense, last year, this unit was very mediocre. With the addition of experience of CC and Ricky williams, we should be very very livable with. OG is a master of the sideline but is not a, "over the middle master". He is a good #2. J.McK is good at catching, bad at carrying. The two go hand and hand and if you have one trait and not the other, thats not wonderful. Ward is mediocre, he has Jays trust, but im not sold on him. Jay has the possibility of a breakout season. You can never say hes a bad QB beacause before Kurt Warner played, he supposedly "stunk" INT should me minimized due to Ricky and him getting used to the receivers. If i hear one more word aobut his surgery, im gonna scream. He is fine, just stop and dont worry about it, its just his hip and the same surgery he had a year ago. He was fine last year wasnt he? As for our o-line, im expecting a 2000 repeat for ruddy, and the people around him should be stable most likely.

Now that i put that into perspecive, all hte negatives can be turned into positives as you can see. Just look at the bright side of things..........
Thats what I'm talking about Dol_Fan. Offseason+boredom+wandering minds=overemphasis of things. There are no major holes on this team. As of now, there is nothing to be overconcerned about. I say just relax and save this energy for when we administer the Jets the spankin' of the century.......
I hate to say it, but you guys who are brushing all of this recent stuff off like it never happened, are drowning in the pool of denial.....

Can't you guys recognize what's been going on here over the last month??.....I know your not blind, but I'm beginning to think some of you are.

Take off the rosey colored glasses for a minute, scrape the sugar off the top, and look at these situations really hard.

D. Gardener is trouble off the field. He's still just as much of an injury risk as he ever was, and the FO isn't sure what to do with him. Will he be here come Septemeber is still an unknown.

The coaching staff has not even attempted to discuss his status, and they haven't come out publically to squashed any of the rumors running rampid of his release either....Why Not??

Now, D. Rodgers is in deep doo doo. He is.....

He'll get sued no doubt by the guy he hit with chair. He'll be observed by senior NFL officials, and most likely at the very least, will get suspended.

Even if this does blow over, where will his frame of mind be come crunchtime??....IN THE GUTTER.

Personally, I NEVER LIKE D. RODGERS. He's had opportunity after opportunity to make his mark on this defense, and has never even come close to living up to expectations.....He's basically the invisible man. He would be missed because of no depth at LB, but his overall contributions to this defense over th years have been pathetic.....

We've got to look at this real hard, and think about what is best for this team THIS YEAR.....NOT NEXT YEAR.

We don't have time to just sit back and HOPE these problems blow away like a fart in the wind......

Something must be done before our whole defense crumbles under stress and uncertainty.

OPEN YOUR EYES. There is no room for distractions of this nature.

Looking on the bright side.......At least it wasn't Jason Taylor in that situation.Now that would've caused some serious team doo-doo.
BLITZKRIEG, calm down bro. Things will work out. Gardener is not going anywhere. The only suitable replacement, Evans, just got signed. The front office isn't going to release a player when there is no replacement for him. Next season is a different matter, but that can be discussed next offseason.

Granted this is a horrible thing D. Rodgers did, and I'm sure those Bills fans are having a great time with this, but this isn't exactly a season-costing dilimma. I have no idea whats going to happen, but I totally trust Wanne-Spiel to take care of this situation. I'm confident this team will be OK......
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