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Chick Magnet
Feb 28, 2002
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Key West, FL
NFL Owners meeting in Orlando

Don't know if anybody saw it (or actually gives a damn:D ), but here's a report on the NFL owners meetings this past weekend. If ya think it belongs in the General NFL thread, call a U-haul:D .

Tagliabue: Networks will still rule NFL broadcasts

Associated Press

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Football fans, keep your antennas. There's no rush to cable TV for the NFL.

Commissioner Paul Tagliabue said Monday he doesn't foresee any substantial changes in the league's presence on over-the-air networks. The current $17.6 billion contract runs through 2005 and has Sunday NFC road teams telecast by Fox; Sunday AFC road teams on CBS; Monday night games on ABC; and Sunday night games on ESPN -- the only cable presence.

"The future I see is we will continue to have the mass of our games on broadcast television," Tagliabue said at the league owners' meetings. "We will be developing a number of different television offerings. We have plenty of opportunities to stay on broadcast television."

Tagliabue mentioned the potential use of digital television, as well as the Internet, to enhance the product.

No snow Super Bowl
The owner of the team in one of the NFL's coldest climates doesn't like the idea of playing the Super Bowl in an outdoor stadium in the north.

"The championship game should be played in championship conditions," Ralph Wilson, owner of the Buffalo Bills, said Monday.

Commissioner Paul Tagliabue has suggested the owners consider playing the 2007 game in New York or Washington, in part out of respect for the victims of the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11. To do that, they would have to lift the rule that the game be played either indoors or at sites where the temperature in January or February averages 50 degrees or more.

"We have an interest in bringing our ultimate game to those markets, " Tagliabue said, "and it's not just a short-term consideration. Eventually, if we do our job right, people we see it has merit."

So far, only two Super Bowls have been played in cold-weather sites: at the Pontiac Silverdome in 1982 and at the Metrodome in Minneapolis in 1992.

Dirty business
Player agent Frank Bauer, who recently lost likely No. 1 draft pick David Carr to another agent, said Monday that his business was "worse than ruthless."

Bauer, who has free-agent quarterback Chris Chandler in his stable, lost Carr as a client in January. Carr, the Fresno State quarterback, signed with Bauer, then switched to another agent after receiving a letter detailing the involvement of Bauer's former partner, Mike Blatt, in a 1989 California murder case.

Bauer long ago ended his partnership with Blatt.

"When a person signs with a first-class athlete, that's when the sharks come out, and the sharks came out on this," Bauer told reporters at the NFL owners' meetings.

No replay discussions
One of the hottest topics at recent NFL meetings isn't even on the agenda this time. Instant replay to aid game officials barely will be discussed, since the current system was approved for three years in 2001.

The league's competition committee did not recommend any changes in the coaches' challenge setup that began in 1999.

"I think it is set in stone," commissioner Paul Tagliabue said Monday. "There is a general feeling that it is working well.

"Generally, people are satisfied with it giving us the ability to review the game-breaking or season-breaking call without interrupting the flow of the game."
They started their meeting yesterday right? So is today the day wqe find out the comp picks?
this is all I heard:
NFL | Rules Update - posted at KFFL (http://nfl.kffl.com)
10:02 PT: John Clayton reports for ESPN the NFL's Competition Committee voted against a Kansas City Chiefs proposal to suit up all 53 players on the active roster and not have a weekly inactive list. Also, there will be no changes to the current practice squad setup. There has been some thoughts of adding a sixth player, a quarterback, if three quarterbacks were on the active roster.
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