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Mar 14, 2002
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From ESPN -

Esera Tuaolo, who played nine years in the NFL as a defensive lineman, will reveal he is gay in an interview to be shown Tuesday on HBO's "Real Sports" and in the upcoming issue of ESPN The Magazine. Tuaolo, who played for five NFL teams, said a major reason for his early retirement in 1999 was the difficulty and frustration that came with keeping his sexual orientation a secret.
Tuaolo, a native of Hawaii, played at Oregon State before being drafted by the Green Bay Packers in 1991 (35th pick overall). He also played for the Panthers, Vikings and Jaguars, and for the Falcons, the team he was with in Super Bowl XXXIII.

If you read the article it says he is an ex-Packer. Now he comes out and says he is still a "Packer". He sounds confused.
He is confused..I say except what you are..that maybe easier said than is...but use what you's what you got, so use I hear a controversy coming..not..I really don't care what a person does or says he is,,as long as he doesn't hurt others...
Just my take on the situation: I don't have a problem with gays, they are just people with diff tastes then me is all.

What I do have a problem with though is how they are shoving it down our throats and along with other minorites want us to cater to them. I'm so sick of that crap. This is AMERICA Jack, majority rules!!
OK I'll get this joke over with now. He's a fudgepacker! Get It?

Hear that one all the time, very original:rolleyes:
lol! This thread is so stupid I just had to laugh.

Thanks for the laugh before my drive home!

For what it's worth, Packer fans, I've always liked and really respected your team. Plus, you Packer fans sure seem to be a class act.

Looking forward to Monday night, baby!

Only wish it was Fiedler at the helm.
I am going to that game and I will bring 3 other Phin fans with we will win !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!We are going to GB early that day to see if we can see some players and maybe get some autographs..........wish us luck folks...........:)
Thanks's been busy summer but now that winter is setting in it's time to visit some football boards.Can you email me a snail mail addy,I would like to donate to the CAUSE(board).

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