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Packers 2005 Resembles Dolphins 2004


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Aug 13, 2003
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Very Scary to see the similarites. Sad to see Bates possibly having to go though it twice.
Head coach Mike Sherman was stripped of his general manager title.(Same thing happend to Dave)

For the first time, Brett Favre seriously contemplated retirement.(Ricky Did Retire on us)

Roster attrition included the likes of Mike Wahl, Marco Rivera and Darren Sharper. (We lost Todd Wade that hurt our O-Line)

Cornerback Al Harris was involved in a sexual assault investigation. (McMichael got into a fight with his wife)

Ahman Green was arrested for disorderly conduct. (Eddie Moore got into a Bar fight)

A holdout by wide receiver Javon Walker looms.(Ogun anyone?)
the team will alo suffer some more bad news in a couple of years when they find out that aaron rodgers is a bust :)
Yeah, and you forgot...Jim Bates was the Fins DC and now is the Packers DC....woo woo woo...scary huh ? But Favre is no RW and won't quit when his team has very limited resources to replace him...makes a big difference...
BIGRED11 said:
i didnt know eddie moore got into a bar fight g:rawk: eddie
He lost that fight. It was over something stupid like looking at some guy's girl. :rolleyes:
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