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Nov 11, 2001
Reaction score
england u.k
16 and 7 yard punts
2 fumbles(1 three yards out)
unable to make a yard on 4th down
wheres the team that whooped the colts gone
This team looked a lot better against the Colts. Lets just hope they play like they did against the Colts for the rest of the season.

I guess its safe to say that the AFC East crown wont be worn by any Dolphins this year. Now instead of fighting for the AFC EAst, the phins are fighting for a playoff spot. The last two week have been horrible. And seeing how it seems d**m near impossible for thephins to pass the second round of the playoffs, ill just see everyone next season and hope that the Phins get their act together
new england aint good either

we played horribly but still if we scored a TD instead of a smith fumble when 3 yards out we still coulda won, if we were somehow to meet these in the playoffs i'd fancy us 2 win especially with gadsden back
Plus Weaver's touchdown was nullified because of his pass interference call. We definitely could have won. :rolleyes:
when is the coaching staff gonna wake up

lamaar smith hasn't done it against any decent defence all year, when has he had enough chances for christ sake, he aint good enough, while jay seems to be improving smith is going backwards.:cry:
Originally posted by lordofgun
YEAH! What a great game!

I especially liked Lamar guys have a real keeper there! :D

Oh please..and Henry the rapist is any better :rolleyes:
You guys can never look at the positive. Things like "We shut the Pats out in the second half" and "We were way better than them, except for a few fumbles" or "Chambers and Fiedler both played very well." Except, you guys are always negative. Yeah, we lost, but there is still hope. We can still win games, as long as we don't FUMBLE!

I especially liked Lamar guys have a real keeper there!

Yeah, he sucks, but he is better than the **** you guys have.
yeah you'll see who's better when Travis Henry is one of the premier backs in the league and you're still stuck with lamar and fiedler! :lol:
Travis Henry will always suck. He hasn't shown anything like Anthony Thomas and LaDainian Tomlinson have. Henry will be out of the NFL in three years, or will backup, cuz he sucks.
actually, it's our O-line that is terrible...wait til next year ;) The best running back you've had in the last 20 years was a washed up Thurman Thomas.
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