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Patriots Re-Sign TBUCK


Guys dont act as if u didnt care.A couple of days ago everyone was praying that t-buck finish his career in a dolfin uniform..Everyone was for his you guys are writing it off and saying you don't care???
Comon would've been nice to have T-Buck..Now he goes to our enemies the Patriots...i am dissapointed.. :goof:
I like T Buck and wanted re-signed when he was here in the off season...But right now we don't need him. DB is one position we have a lot of bodies for...not necessarily skill but bodies...

Also...remember T Buck left here because he didn't want to be a nickelback...

Adding another player with playoff experience at a position where veteran depth is sorely lacking would have helped the team. It is disappointing that he did not re-sign with the Dolphins.
He would have fit in nicely in the nickel and dime packages at this stage in his career.

I am still in shock we have not signed another linebacker!
Originally posted by chambers84

Who cares, I don't!! We need Offensive Linemen, not DBs!! [/B]
If you don't care, why bother posting the thread:confused: T-Bucks theme song should be "shop around":rolleyes:
I said it a couple days ago, and I'll say it again now, F---T-buck!

This guy has now spurned his "hometown" team 3 times. It should be pretty clear by now, the he just does not want to play for the Miami Dolphins.

I would have liked to seen him come back, but just either do it, or say you don't want to. I guess you could say that he was keeping his options open, but those options evidently didn't include the fins.
Expect a LB to be signed next week. We didn't sign one this week because we would have had to guarantee his contract. Now this signing may be Gaylon but expect us to add a LB to the roster next week.
Has anyone heard how Lloyd Harrison has looked in practice?

Also, Jimmy Hitch**** has been released by the Pats...he could be a solid D-back in the dime for us...although I hear we want to go young at the position.
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