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Patriots Sign Antwan Edwards


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May 1, 2002
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Should we be upset? I believe Edwards was directly reponsible for the loss to the Cardinals.

2-2-ARI49 (1:07) (Shotgun) J.McCown pass to L.Fitzgerald to MIA 3 for 48 yards (A.Edwards; S.Knight).

Taylor tried to save the day But Madison was caught holding as usual

3-4-MIA4 (:29) J.McCown sacked at MIA 15 for -11 yards (J.Taylor).
PENALTY on MIA-S.Madison, Defensive Holding, 2 yards, enforced at MIA 4 - No Play.
1-2-MIA2 (:23) J.McCown pass to L.Fitzgerald for 2 yards, TOUCHDOWN.

It all worked out for the best since we got the second pick and Ronnie Brown but had we been competing, this type of play loses us games.
You just said Madison was holding twice -- and it was Edwards fault?
JB-Dolfan-VA said:
You just said Madison was holding twice -- and it was Edwards fault?

Edwards was burned on the 48 yarder, Madison was holding on the next play which negated the Taylor sack.
Negative: We lost that game to the Arizona Cardinals when we should have won. :o
Positive: Because of that, we now have Ronnie Brown. :)
actually i believe it was the 48yd play they called some bull**** and it ended up with a couple 15yd penalties. miami should of won that game, and lost because of REFREES and miami's lack of discipline when the wrong call was made. if you remember, an int was made that was negated (i believe) and the penalties poured in afterward.
You know we did miss an extra point in that game.
why are we bitching about last years losses!

Why are we bitching about last years losses. We had a bad year, now we start all over and prove to everybody that last year was a one time deal. New coaching staff (which I think is probably the best one we have had sine the Shula years) three potential rookie of the year players Ronnie Brown, Matt Roth, and Channing Crowder. so forget the past and lets get ready to bang heads with the enemie fans of Buffalo, NY Jets, and The fricken luckyass New England Patriots.:fire:
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