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Peru vs Colombia

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Screw You Guys..Im Goin Home!!!
Oct 18, 2002
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Peru is going to Colombia tonight and will be playing them in the World Cup Qualifier. I am hoping Peru takes this one so they can still be close to winning a WC Birth. I predict a 2-0 victory by Peru! Goals by Farfan and Guerrero!
I'm Peruvian!!! :rawk:

i'm not getting my hopes up though we haven't been to the WC in like forever
I too am Peruvian. Unfortunately we got our butts handed to us last night 5-0. Very embarassing and now it makes it THAT much harder on us to go to the World Cup. Damn why did Auturri have to resign. I prefer him then Ternero but I am willing to give him a chance because he lead Cienciano to a Championship. I don't like the callups Ternero is making though.....:nono:
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