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Pete Prisco on our draft....


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Mar 17, 2002
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here are his comments.....

Best pick: Fifth-round pick Omare Lowe is a big corner who can contribute on special teams.

Worst pick: There were some scouts who don't think center Seth McKinney lived up to his hype.

Interesting pick: The Dolphins may have stolen a receiver again (Chris Chambers last year) when they took Sam Simmons in the fifth round.

Overall grade: C. They gave up their first-round pick for Ricky Williams. If he plays the way they think he will, this could be a higher grade.

He seems really high on Simmons and Lowe.

Just as a side not, Rogers has not shown up anywhere as a good late round pick for detroit. He hasn't been considered a steal on any website I have seen.
I think everyone on this board will agree Pricko has lost all credibility already. I hope he is right about Simmons and Lowe though and wrong about McKinney.
Pasquarelli's draft grade: C-minus

McMichael has the best chance of starting of the bunch; and he did not mention him.

McKinney will hopefully end up no worse the #2 on the depth chart a G and C.

Simmons and Lowe and Henry could all play STs.

Not a lot you can do when you're forced to sit on your hands for the first two rounds. But personnel chief Rick Spielman and coach Dave Wannstedt woke up in time to get a very nice pick, guard/center Seth McKinney, in the third round. In the fourth round, the Dolphins got a promising tight end in Randy McMichael. While he is pretty much one-dimensional, the physically gifted McMichael might have a chance in an offense that will utilize the tight end more under new coordinator Norv Turner.
I agree with the C-, but the best pick was McMichael and the worst was Lowe with Thomas available. I actually think our draft deserves a D, Metcalf is better than McKinney.
I haven't seen any of our players play in my life, so I'm not going to grade the draft. I'm done with that crap. I'll just wait and see two to three years from now who's on the roster contributing and who's not. Then we'll know how good this draft was.
The thing with most of the guys we drafted (McKinney, Simmons, Lowe) is that they are all versatile. McKinney can play guard or center. Simmons says he can do 6 different things. And Lowe can play corner or safety. I really like Lowe the more I learn about him. For one, we lost Cousin, so now that puts some pressure on Fletcher as the nickel corner. He obviously wants playing time so now he's gotta work for it after being a first rounder. Lowe, if he makes the team (which he should) I assume will be used as our backup safety or as our 4th corner, whichever we want to use him as. That gives us depth at 4 different positions on the field (LCB, RCB, FS, and SS). Also add in there McMichael who might be able to start by the end of the year and I say we did really well with what we had.
I'm much more of a Kiper fan and (he seems to have gained a ton of credibility throughout the league) and he gave the 'Fins a "B." The only pick that he appears to question a little is McMichael. While he seems to like him, he doesn't think he's as fast as he should be, and says he needs to work on his concentration. He's really high on the Henry pick though; based on his comments I believe he thinks the 'Fins got a steel with this guy.

Anyway, here's what he had to say:
Ricky Williams must be factored into the draft grade because he is the reason the Dolphins didn't have a No. 1 pick. Seth McKinney could be a decent anchor at center. Offensive coordinator Norv Turner wants to incorporate the tight end more into the offense, so TE Randy McMichael is a key selection in the fourth round. He can make the difficult catches look routine, but he also drops routine balls on occasion. Plus, he didn't prove to be as fast as I thought he would be. He added weight, but lost speed. He also has questions about his blocking. However, Turner will call on McMichael to contribute. DB Omare Lowe could be a nice backup in the secondary at corner. WR Sam Simmons has been a big-play guy, but he will be a return man with Dolphins. I love RB Leonard Henry; he's an outstanding seventh-round pick who runs with determination. He can excel down the field catching the ball and operated in a sophisticated offense under Steve Logan. He could be a solid backup to Williams
If you've never seen Lowe play, how can you bash him? I saw him play a couple of times, and in one of those games he absolutely dominated and changed the whole face of the game, that game was against national POWERHOUSE Michigan.

Have you ever seen Kevin Thomas play? if not, how can you make a legitimate decision that he has more potential than Lowe when you haven't seen at least one of them play?
I have seen Thomas play on TV, he was pretty good from what I saw. From what I have read, Lowe isn't very good.
Yeah, I remember the time I read, a long time ago, about how some Zach Thomas kid was no good coming out of College. They said he was too small and would never make it in the pros. I also remember when we drafted Jason Taylor, and everyone said he would never make it as a DE because he's not big enough. They said he would never be able to stop the run.

Boy, they sure were right, huh?
I agree with Bodzilla29 on this one--I only saw one Washington game this year, but it was the Michigan game, and Lowe had an incredible game. I'm glad the Dolphins picked a few players who have really stepped up in big games--they need that type of player.
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