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Peter Boulware Cap Casualty?

interesting...i bet he could command a hefty contract though
we dont need to be tying up anymore money on vets. We need to worry about getting this team younger. I like him and think that he is a great player, but we need to pass on this one.
TarHeelFinFan said:
We need young DT's more than we need old LBs

Ditto. LB isn't really a need at this point.
no not him.....I'm still upset that NE signed Brown and we didn't even try. I've been tauting Brown since Seattle signed what's his doodle (that's a technical term)...then they cut Brown, like I expected and we don't make a peep. EH, I'm just a Chad Brown fan. It's not like he'd "put us over the top" besides NE gave him 500,000 more a year than I suggested a couple of weeks ago...I just needed to vent and didn't want to start a thread.:)
If we had enough cap space, Id say go for it. Only thing is though he played more end in the 4-3. Just be hard to pay him alot of money especially since we gave Carter alittle bit and it looks like he would start on the left side. I just prefer we signed our picks first and then look to add depth with more free agents after june 1st and training camp cuts.
Peter Boulware has been a very effective pass rushing linebacker the last coupler years but he missed all of last season which could be a factor

heres his stats

YearTeamGTotalTcklAstSacksIntYdsAvgLgTDPass Def1997Baltimore Ravens165741.01611.5000.00001998Baltimore Ravens166138.0238.5000.00051999Baltimore Ravens163731.0610000.00022000Baltimore Ravens163832.067000.00012001Baltimore Ravens166643.02315000.00042002Baltimore Ravens167357.0167166.06032003Baltimore Ravens155842.0168.5000.00022004Baltimore Ravens000.000000.0000TOTAL111390284.010667.5166.06017

67.5 sacks at just the age of 30 is a pretty interesting stat especially coming from the linebacker position but we have to have faith sabans choice for Spragen. Also as an aged linebacker prospect Junior Seau when healthy is still better, the guys an all arounder and what some people dont realize is how much that guy does.
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