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Petey Warrick?


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Feb 2, 2005
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Once again I'm going to overspeculate on a player who isn't even available (chad brown) yet in Peter Warrick.

There are still rumors out there that Petey will be released with one year left on his contract to free up a bit more cap space (cinny enquirer).

IF it happens, is he worth bringing in to compete for a starting job/3rd wr/punt returner. With his shin injury last year (missed a lot of time but I don't really know what's wrong with his leg?), would he have value to us and at what price would he be a value?

I personally think he has value but I simply have no idea what type of money he would be looking for...which essentially gives him value or lack of.

anyone have any idea the type of contract (I'm guessing 1/2 yrs) and at what money value?

I'm thinking anything more than 1 mil/yr is too much since he's coming off injury.

thought's if any?
I would love to see him here, he wouldnt be bad at 3rd option and would do great on punt returns but I dont see him coming
I would think he'd be looking for much more money than we can offer him. He was a nice complement to Chad Johnson.
he's under acheived his whole career so far...he was great in college and only decent in the nfl
SQuinn17 said:
he was incredible in college, but hasnt done much at all in the nfl.

Not true, the last 2 years before his injury he played very well for Cincinnati, much better than any #2 receiver we've had playing for us. He especially played well with Jon Kitna. If he wasn't too expensive, he'd be very much worth the roster spot, and would make an excellent reciever in our 3 WR set.
He did start playing well in 03 before he got the shin injure. He would definitely compete for the starting job. I think he figured out how to play well in the NFL after a few seasons and will have a good season this year, I would like to pick him up at the minimum anyday, it will solve our WR problems because then we would have 3 legitimate receivers and free up a draft pick in the draft so that we can draft something else. (Assuming we are going to pick one up in the draft)
We don't need him, we have Welker to get the punts who I would take over Peter any day, and I'm more worried about our #1 quarterback and #1 running back than our #3 reciever.
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