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Mar 25, 2002
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Sorry guys if this has been posted already........

I always get a pretty good laugh at some of the nonsense that Florio and PFT spews out on a daily basis. This time he his saying that JT days are numbered at Miami. JT along with Zach are the heart and soul of Miami defense. The salary cap hit would kill Miami. If he did his research he would understand Roth was picked for his depth along the defensive front and to become an eventual starter. Roth will also allow Taylor to move to LB in the 3-4 alignment.

The Nicktator did his best to 'splain away the situation when the Fins acquired defensive ends Kevin Carter and Vonnie Holliday in free agency, after holdover Pro Bowler Jason Taylor questioned whether he still fit in the team's plans.
And although Taylor has said that he accept coach Nick Saban's not-so-unequivocal proclamation that Taylor still has a spot on the team, the decision to draft Iowa defensive end Matt Roth in round two surely will raise some eyebrows in South Florida.
We know the cap hit for trading Taylor would be a big one, but the salary that the Fins wouldn't have to pay would go a long way towards offsetting the bonus acceleration.
Either way, the Nicktator has invited further turmoil by taking Roth, and our guess is that Taylor will be somewhere else when the 2005 season starts.
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