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PFTALK Mock draft

Another clayton at WR...if I remember the first one did ok : ) Funny how they see the 3 big running backs taken, looks like the bears really love Benson, and Gruden with Cadillac.
Brown AND Clayton!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Boy, do I want these guys to be right.
I guess the offensive schemes have a lot to do with it, hey less money we need to pay Brown at #7 if it happens.
This was probably done before the surtain trade, but they have KC taking Pac Man, now Surtain and Pacman would be two good corners back there.
Yeah but they kind of lose a little credibility by having Heath Miller slipping to 18 in ROUND 2!
FinsAreLife said:
wow, rodgers at 24? dont think he'll drop that far

Alot of people have said that if he makes it out of the top 10 he could very well fall that far.
I could see Rodgers falling that far, I don't see teams besides us and the niners really looking at a QB. We shall see tomorrow!!!!
How lucky would GB be if he does? They finally get a QB for Favre to groom, and it just happened to be the guy that almost went #1 overall falling to #24.
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