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PFW's "Whispers"..Dolphin notes and notables


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Feb 3, 2002
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I left the link to the entire "Whispers" page. But here are the most notable board issues.

* The Dolphins were stunned at the four-year, $5 million deal the Panthers gave their former third cornerback, Terry Cousin. The Dolphins believe he is only worthy of a spot as the third corner and think the Panthers overpaid for his services.

* Since running back Ricky Williams was traded to the Dolphins, he has been going all out to mesh with his new teammates, something he had a hard time doing with the Saints.

* The signing of ex-Ravens wide receiver Patrick Johnson by the Jaguars pretty much seals the fate of Keenan McCardell, who is expected to be released after June 1.

* It seems that former Colts tight end Ken Dilger has not signed with any team thus far because his asking price is too high. We hear that when Dilger was first cut, he was asking for about $3 million a year. Despite Dilger's all-around skills, no team has been keen on paying him that much money because of his age (31).
If we could get McCardell really cheap, he would be a good signing. I am happy that Williams is becoming friends with teammates, espicially before camp. I think that is a great sign.
i would definately sign a circus catch guy like mccardell over carter...but at what price? i'm guessing he'll command alot more than an aging C.C., if we were to sign this guy my opening day recieving depth chart would look like this:
1. mccardell(yes, he would be my #1 over chambers because of experience
2. chambers
3. OG
4. ward(could possibly move ahead of OG with strong preseason
5. mcknight

anyway you slice it, thats one of the best recieving corps. in the league
No way we will get McCardell, but that would be great.
I am glad to hear that RW is mingling. I too have SAD like RW. The medicine helped but he was in a bad situation with Haslett. With Wanny bein cool as he is and RW meshing with the team, I can almost guarantee you that RW will never want to leave Miami... he will feel safe there. SAD is basically your body reacting to your fears which is society. He will get into a comfort zone with the team and never want to leave.
I'm also very stoked to hear that RW is becoming buds with the boys in Miami. Given his exceptional talent and his newfound maturity since overcoming his disorder, he may not only be the player that we all hope/expect that he'll be, but also the type of sports role model that most of us wish more pro atheletes would be.

As far as McCardell goes, I unfortunately have to agree with EddieI that there is virtually no way that the 'Fins will get him on their roster. He is a very, very good receiver and will be an excellent addition to any team. :D
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