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Play offs?

Unfortunately that is true :rolleyes:....If the Jets win their last 2 games..they win the Division anyways..and if there was a tie between the Jets and Dolphins..Jets win cause they swept us this year :rolleyes: On the Patriots side...I'm not sure how it goes after you get past the tie breakers..cause we have won 1 against the Patriots and they won last week's game so we are tied on that plateau :confused:

Same goes for if you were asking who would win the tie breaker between the Jets and Patriots..The Jets won the first game against them but lost the last one..So they are tied in that part..not sure where it goes after that :confused:
here's how it should go...

  1. Steelers
  2. Raiders
  3. Pats
  4. Fins
  5. Ravens
  6. Jets

If the Traitors can beat the Jets the last game of the year and the Fins can beat 2 bad teams at home as well as some other reasonable assumptions. In this scenario the Fins play at home ag. the Ravens. :cool: If the Jets beat the Raiders, we get to go to NJ to play the Jets- which does not sound too bad either since we can reclaim alot of this season by beating the most hated team of all of sports. :evil:

if jets and seatle win out and miami lose out miami are out cause if there is two teams from one division and one from another only one advances from the division with two and the one from the other so since the jets swept us (miami) they advance and miami are out . if miami win one they advance so do the jets cause miami has a better record that seatle, and jets have the tie breaker against seatle cause they have a better confrence record than seatle so they advance as well it sould look something like this : 1 pittsbugh, 2 oakland , 3 new england, 4 miami , 5 baltimore, 6 new york jets. thats if miami wins the last two and jets lose one or both games . hope i cleared alittle bit of the playoff mess the nfl creates . see ya in the super bowl. GO DOLPHINS GO !!!!!!!!!!
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