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Player/Team Observations


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Sep 3, 2001
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Not sure if this has already been discussed before, but just a little FYI:

For those (like me) who will be conducting mock drafts in the near future might want to consider this. I found this on nfl draft countdown:

Out of the five players the Phins looked closely at; three of them were DE/OLB tweeners.

Drew Stanton
Dallas Baker
LaMarr Woodley
Tim Crowder
Quentin Moses

All of these guys except Moses are potential second round picks. May be a hint at what our focus might be in that round.
Nice find. Thanks. I heard we were looking at Drew Stanton, and we even interviewed other later round prospects such Kolb, Palmer, Palko, and Leak.
We looked at far more guys than that. They actually had a chalk talk with Brandon Meriweather.
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