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Playoff possibility


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Jan 2, 2006
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Since people like to talk about this stuff so much, here is an extra thing I just noticed that nobody has thought of yet. The general consensus is obviously we must win out at 9-7 (6-6) and finish 2nd in our division (hopefully the Jets will tank and make tiebreakers moot). Then everyone says Jax and Cincy have to lose out, one of them for us to sneak in. But I just saw the Titans have been sneaking up on the NFL.

They are 6-7 like us and have a 3-2 division record (3-6) in conference with Jax being 8-5 with 2-3 and 5-4. They play next week, if Jacksonville loses that game and only wins one of the last two they would be 9-7 but if the Titans keep winning at 9-7, they would beat out Jax on the division tiebreaker, eliminating them from the Wild Card tiebreaker with other teams such as the Dolphins who as we all know don't have a tiebreaker with Jax but DO versus the Titans. Under that scenario considering the hot streak Tennessee is under, Cincy and Miami would get in, assuming of course KC stays ahead tied/ahead of Denver and we would eliminate them too.

So there you have it, another farfetched miracle scheme to get into the playoffs where we probably would get killed by the Chargers if we got that far but it's some hope at least. If you really want playoffs, wish for continued success by the Fins, a Tennessee win, Denver's continued downfall, KC beating Jax in Week 17, Cincy collapse, Tennessee streaking, and uhhhh Marino coming out of retirement after visiting the fountain of youth.
lets see the jags and bengals are hot right now but they do not have easy games ahead-we shall see!!!!!!!!
It's such a shame we couldn't start out a little better. Since the bye week this team has to be considered top 10 in the league given the teams we beat and especially how we beat them. It would be nice to see this unit (especially the D) in the postseason but we are pretty much out of it. Still it would be nice to finish at least at 8-8 given this horrendous start.
I'm done getting my hopes up. I love the optimism, but I hate being let down.

We needs tons of help to get bumped in....If we don't control our own destiny, we don't deserve to go.
It really is a damn shame having lost to all those bad teams early. Even though we lost those games, having won last week we would be 7-6 and be 7th behind the Jets and controlling our own destiny. That last week killed us.
You're right, but I still think our real problem will be with denver anyway. they have to loose twice for us to get ahead of them in the hunt and they have 2 relative easy games(at arizona and they receive the 49ers the last week, they also play at home against cinci). for next week we need arizona to beat denver and tennessee to beat jacksonville to have a real chance.losses to the jets, steelers and kansas city will help alot also.
tennesse is our chance to the post season, they beat jax this weekend and jax loses one more game and we could sneak in
you want cincy to knock out denver and pittsburg for us, and jax to lose to tennesee and one more game
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