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Please Saban..


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Mar 25, 2005
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New Jersey
Please take an offensive player. We have enough D. If you want to succeed we need a O-linemen, QB, or WR. Please.
Although I would like to see a WR we have plenty of O-linemen. I hope we get BPA regardless of position. GreenMonster
there is alot to stone at a time....he can't make up for years of bad drafting
in one draft, but I can say that after a few years of saban drating we will have very good talent
Wilkerson or hawthorne and ill be happy
I really hope we get Ben Wilkerson now.
when are we gonna realise our team isn't gonna get to the play-offs without a capable QB. Gus and AJ are not the guys that will take you to the play-offs, lets face it.
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