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Aug 5, 2002
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Get plenty of rest and be ready to go Sunday :). What do you guys think? Wanny said he was feeling better today and riding the bike.
might depend on the weather -- last thing you want is a questionable knee getting more damaged because he slipped making a cut on the dirt infield...i would love both teams at full strength - that waywhen the jets win there aren't any excuses:)
Hey 85, forget it. Why don't you be a little unbiased. You want the phins to lose cause you know deep down that the Jills have no chance when they come to town. ADMIT IT, you suck!!!
Well he was riding the stationary bike wednesday and say it felt that's encouraging news.. Let's pray for his speedy recovery...He's defintely a big part of what we do Defensively.
that was unbiased -- you never want to rush a top player back for a game in september -- it is a 16 game season and if the weather is bad it becomes more likely that surtain might sit at less than 100% instead of taking a chance against a team that has yet to pass well.
I will be at the game:)
You sure are banking heavily on the weather being bad. Do you believe you all have the advantage if it rains??
i don't want it to rain -- i want to see nice weather - i am travelling all the way from ny to enjoy the weather and heat of south florida -- not gonna happen - i hope it does because i woul dlike to enjoy the night life a bit
Rain doesn't favor anyone and it can bring a game down to a fall or slipped ball -- i want nice weather and serious play from both teams -- i am coming to see a war!
I agree that I want no rain. The fact is, if it doesn't rain, its probably going to be hot and humid, and thats where Miami has its September advantage. Bring on the sunshine......
This is what i want:

- Rain in the first quarter, hot sticky, humid rain
- The sun comes out and drys everything and makes it sticky and humid, trust me, after it rains in miami, it is like you are in a giant swamp

in other words:
I WANT EVERGLADES WHEATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NY JETS!!!!!! WELCOME TO THE "MELTING POT"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rain is a distinct possibility with Isidore trekking towards the Gulf of Mexico. We won't get the full brunt of the storm, but there's a good chance that the outer bands will sweep across south Florida.
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