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Poll Friday: Final AFC wild card?

The vast majority of people who view Walker's articles are Dolphin fans. It's a pretty biased poll IMO, but it doesn't matter what people think, it's what this team actually does.
What a bunch of crap choices, I want to say the Jets will get it but that would be a hell of a feat with Geno Smith. Let me run through some scenarios using the espn playoff machine

Power rankings only

Jets 10-6
Buff 7-9
Mia 7-9
Pitts 7-9

Jets 8-6-2
Mia 7-7-2

Home Field Adv
Bal 8-8
Jets 8-8
Mia 8-8

From that exercise I think you can narrow down the choices to the Jets, Ravens and Dolphins so let me run (what I consider to be) some realistic simulations for these teams.

Sim 1:
Mia 8-8 wins vs NE, @Bills, Jets
Jets 7-9 wins vs Mia, Raiders
Bal 7-9 wins vs Jets, Pitts, Vikings

Sim 2
Jets 9-7 wins vs @Bal, Mia, Raiders, Browns
Mia 9-7 wins vs CAR, NE, @Bills, Jets

Sim 1 would be the most interesting scenario which would make for a lot of important games week 17. Sim 2 would suck because the Jets would have it all wrapped up week 16. Our best shot to get in is we need to beat the Jets on the road week 13 and win at least 1 out of the NE and CAR home games. Also, seeing as the Ravens have the toughest schedule of the 3 teams and the Jets have the easiest so we absolutely should be rooting for the Ravens to beat the hell out of the Jets this week.

Would also like to add that people are assuming the Carolina game isn't as important because they are out of conference but winning against them or NE doesn't make any difference in the simulator for the wildcard spot.
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