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Pompeii: Rams over Dolphins in Super Bowl


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Jan 8, 2002
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This should make you guys happy - I think he's smoking something but that's just my biased opinion! :D


Sporting News picks Rams over Dolphins in Super Bowl
By the Post-Dispatch Online Sports Staff
06/25/2002 02:19 PM

The Sporting News went with a familar pick to win the Super Bowl in its "Pro Football Preview" magazine that hit the newsstands today.

The St. Louis-based publication picked the Rams to win it all last season and is going with the hometown team again after the Rams' near-miss in February against New England.

The magazine picks the Rams to defeat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the NFC championship game, and the Miami Dolphins over the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC Championship.

Kansas City?

"Look no further for a surprise team," writes TSN's Dan Pompei. "The Chiefs won three of the their last four games, and they could continue the roll this season with an improved receiving unit and a defense that is more stout."

But the Super Bowl will belong to the Rams, of whom Pompei wrote: "They have the most dominant quarterback, the most dangerous running back, the premier offensive mind, the best set of receivers and the defense that ranked third in yards allowed.

"It almost isn't fair. The Rams . . . are without a doubt the NFL's best team on paper, as well as artificial turf. If the best team wins, the Super Bowl parade does a loop around the Arch."

Having said all that, Pompei and TSN predict Eagles QB Donovan McNabb will be the NFL's player of the year and Dave Campo of the Cowboys will be the coach of the year.

TSN's picks for NFC playoff teams: Rams, 49ers, Bucs, Packers, Cowboys, Eagles.

In the AFC: Dolphins, Browns, Steelers, Colts, Chiefs, Raiders.
Interesting. Nice to see we're getting some respect here in preseason but I will wait until pads come on and people start scoring touchdowns to get too excited about predictions. Although I will say this: Rams 14 - Dolphins 24!!! :D :lol:
The Sporting News sucks!!! They always have bad sh*t to say about the Dolphins! Nobody there has one bit of sense! They write with a pen sticking out of their a$$es!!They caN SUCK MY.......
Fiedler was on the cover of SI last year, and right after that he went into a slump that lasted a few games, before finishing strong at the end. I think the Fins should make everyone sign a contract that would prevent them from going on the cover of SI.
Originally posted by inFINSible
The Sporting News sucks!!! They always have bad sh*t to say about the Dolphins! Nobody there has one bit of sense! They write with a pen sticking out of their a$$es!!They caN SUCK MY.......

Sporting News doesn'tsuck;Just like every others magazine it has writters who put their team first...I like sportingnews because they let us (Fans) voice our opinion....Pompei who wrote that article is one of the better writter of sporting news..

CBS Sportsline has Pete Prisco (who is a JEtS lover)
ESPN Chris Berman (This guy picks buffalo to make it super bowl every Year) :lol:

:monkey: profootball.com No one has a clue!!!
may I refer you to the thread titled "the 5 most overhyped teams according to The Sporting News"....after you read that, you will be able to see the comedy value of my previous post.;)
WHO CARES!!!!!!!

Until we actually start winning games and make it deep into the playoffs these opinions are just that...opinions. I would rather us not have the hype and just ambush everyone...but thats me:goof:

I just do not care what sports writers opinions are and neither should you!!!:fire: Let the phins do their "talking" come game time.
INFINS has a point...

Maybe they should change their name to The Sporting Contradiction :lol: :lol: :lol:
Right phins54!!! I mean the dolphins in the superbowl??? That is crazy!!
If you are going to chime in Herman hater....at least be able to follow the gist of the conversation.
It's only Pompeii - take it with a pinch of salt but I thought people would be interested to see what one of the so-called experts is saying. If it's any consolation when someone else posted this over Chiefs Planet it caused a major stir!
This is the year the Dolphins get to the Superbowl-providing we stay healthy for once. What happens in the big game will all depend on what Dolphins team shows up. My bet is we'll win the darn thing no matter who we play so we'll all be a dancin' in the streets when the dust is settled and the year 2003 will be sweeeeeetttttttt!!!!
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