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Position to analyze II:


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Jul 10, 2002
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Turner clearly loves to utilize his TE and we could be seeing the most important position development at TE since Keith Jackson's days. With the recent development of the pick up of Desmond Clark, would you consider McMichael 1a and Clark 1b? They are both offensive threats. Clark has nice experience behind him, but McMichael is oh so promising. At this point, I would be content in having them as 1a and 1b with Clark coming in in more crucial situations.

Weaver is a fine 3rd option if nothing more to come in and help on the run, and Perry is not much more than a long snapper. Thoughts?
i think that if McMichael struggles with his blocking you will see a change at TE. Not to say Randy will not be used. He's to talented to not be involved. I'm not sure how good Clark is in the running game. Weaver is only a 3rd option now for sure. They wouldn't have brought him in if he wasn't needed. By the time his injury is healed he will have some of the system down then it's just a matter of how Randy has played up until that point. I know that I have high hopes for what he can accomplish.
What Desmond's pick up means is that by the middle of the season we will be running more 2 TE sets. You will see quite a bit of that starting Sunday but if Weaver can't cut it then we won't see it as much until Desmond gets in there and gets comfortable.
I am really getting juiced to see those two-TE sets. Remember what the dedskins used to run, when they had the hogs, and Riggo, and double-te sets, or the use of an H-Back?

They used to just dare teams to stop them. And most of the time, they couldn't. Now, obviously, our OL is not even close to the stature of "The Hogs", but Norv has worked wonders with less talented lines (SD last year).

Imagine the big plays that we could get out of this set. Play-fake to RW, and hit either R-Mac, or Clark, or the Jed man streaking free down the middle of the field for a big gain.

Oh yeah, I'm pumped!!!
Could we even see some TD passes to the TE this year, in red-zone play? That used to be a staple of our offense forever. Going back to the days of Mad-Dog, to K. Jackson, to Hardy, and such. I can't remember how many TD's we used to score on that little dump-off to the TE from inside the 5 yard line. That play seems like such a thing of the past.
Peyton Manning to either Pollard or Dilger. Brett Farve to Any of his TE reciever types. Elway to Sharpe and whoever, etc., etc., etc. (I'm terrible at remebering names but there were sooo many more.) Good recieving TE's, especially two of them, have always given us fits. Now it's our turn. mmmmmm, is it Sunday yet?
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