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Positives and Negatives


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Jul 30, 2002
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As in every football game their were some positives and some negatives..

1) Anyone that SAW the game knows that we came out blazing scoring points galore and running over their defense without abandon..Jay was in sync and Ricky was running like a thorougbred....Our D had big plays to halt drives by Peyton and his bunch...Great Start and first half on both sides of the ball

POSTIVES players

2)Simply mentionning names that deserve credit:

O-Gun (watch the tape= was in the backfield a lot)
Derrick Rogers ( big game althought seemed tired as the game went on)
Sam Madison(silenced his critics)
Brock Marion ( all the critics were out in the preseason but this guy is so CLUTCH..watch the last 2 minutes and you'll see what i mean)
Jay Fiedler (1 INT 2 tds passes and one run...Made the throws when he had 2)
RICKY WILLIAMS ( Great Talent..Installs fear in opponents eyes...Underrated blocker)

OFFENSE The whole offense except Oronde who had a couple costly drops..


3)Poor attitude in the 2nd half...Played without passion as if it was preseason all over again..Wanny has to do a better job of motivating them...The Pass rush was anemic and the pass defense was tortured without Surtain..


4)Once again a couple guys that need to show more and step up:

Zach (maybe a bit harsh but the guy's a pro-bowler and should be a tad better)
Oronde Gadsden ( had a subpar game but should bounce back)
Jamar Fletcher ( WOW he was abused)
Chester and Bowens (Had trouble sheding blockers and cant get penetration)
Albert Johnson (only question here is has he been unseated by Dedric Ward)
James Mcknight ( if the guy was in the building could someone please tell me-maybe got lost on the way there)
Morlon Greewood
Olindo Mare ( obviously missed his only FG so negative but this guy will be the first one to bounce back..just hasnt gotten in a groove)
Share you thoughts and rememeber we DID win the game..BTW JETS got absolutely crushed so Herman wont be happy and neither will Wanny after our 2nd half which should make for a very interesting 1st Quarter..:goof:
Albert Johnson got injured but did well. He didn't make any mistakes, however he didn't break any big ones either. He hasn't been unseated by Dedric Ward YET...Dedric came in because AJ got hurt.

Fletcher got abused largely by Marvin Harrison and to tell you the honest truth...who in our secondary has Marvin Harrison NOT abused? The man has abused both Surtain and Madison in the past and he always has a huge game against us (very annoying).

I thought Zach had an ok game, but not very good at following a leaking Edgerrin James out of the backfield on pass plays.

In the 2nd half we were still moving the ball, the problem was penalties and lost yardage in the 2nd half. A number of times we ended up with 3rd and like 17...a play that basically you chalk up and do your best not to turn the ball over. We got into the redzone once and didn't come up with points which is a no-no. We got into their side of the field a couple of times, but got pushed back by negative yardage plays.

The defense performed admirably in the 2nd half considering Surtain's absence. Still only 10 points.
James Mcknight was inactive for the game that's why he was invisible.

Defintely too harsh on Zach. He was matched up with E.J. and at least made the tackle if E.J. made the catch.

As for the offense, I always think that they should at least match the first half points but am always disappionted. :) Eveyone always talks about sitting on a lead but we saw today it was more like missed opportunities. It also seems with a lead that there isn't as much of an urgency.

Also kudos to Derrick Rogers with his pick and tackles after being invisible last week.
the offense(besides Ricky) did NOTHING in the 2nd half.We must create a good reputation that we earned in week 1 about our high scoring.The Colts D has improved however.
Originally posted by dolphinators13
Also to point out about Mare, he had 2 bad kickoffs.

Those weren't bad kick offs, but rather what he was told to do. The Colts return man was making people miss, and gaining some good yards, so to negate that Dave had him kick it to the up men so he didn't break one for a long gain.
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