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POST GAME WRAP UP SHOW: Dolphins Beat Patriots to Open Season


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Apr 4, 2021
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The first drives for both the offense and defense was phenomenal. If they can continue that level of execution and intensity, this is going to be a great year.

Eich wasn't bad considering he hadn't been playing LT all preseason. This week's practice ought to be entertaining. I wonder too, who'll end up on the bench.

This defense is fun to watch. Seems like most of the front 7 had there turn to pressure Jones. He did good getting the ball out, with pressure in his face, and hitting holes in the middle of the field. The middle of the defense got abused imo. The play count, t.o.p., and 3rd down conversion rates show that too. Our LB corps needs to develop better coverage skills quickly. Holland is a "hitman"!

Waddle was electric. I predict his target share goes up. It was awesome seeing DVP showing that he can get separation from DB's too. He's not just a 50/50, jump ball receiver. He looked dominant today. The additions of Fuller next week and, sooner or later, PW makes me very optimistic about improving the YPC, 3rd down conversation rate, and play count going forward.

"Gas Can" was really good today. Showed good vision, I thought. Ran with more elusiveness and caught 5/5 targets. On pace for 85 catches, just saying.

Tua looked real good. I noticed "happy feet" a couple times while he was under pressure. Overall, he made good decisions with the ball. Except the pick. Smh. He had a 7.5 YPC which is a lot better than last year already. He was delivering dimes all over. He looked absolutely unstoppable when he gets the ball out quickly. I'm sooooo looking forward to witnessing the growth of our QB.

Good wrap up show guys. I appreciate your work on the videos. Your analysis and your takeaways are fair and reasonable.

Fins up!
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