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Power Poll question


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Apr 10, 2002
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Some questions on your power poll. Things I just don't get.

1) How can you have KC rated higher than New England when New England beat KC?

2) How can you have Seattle ranked higher than the Giants when the Giants beat Seattle?

3) Same with the Titans being ranked higher than Cleveland when Clevleand beat the Titants in Tennessee.

4) The most obvious is having the Giants rated higher than Atlanta when just this past week Atlanta with a back up QB went to NY and won in their house.

5) The Rams have been killed by everyone, they win won game. And are rated higher than a .500 team that beat them in their house in Dallas?

6) You have Washington rated below the Titans when just 2 weeks ago Washington with a rookie QB went to Tennessee and beat them in their house.

I could go on forever here but will stop. I am guessing the Power Poll was put together in a few minutes and just something you guys threw together. It doesn't make much sense so I am guessing not much time went into this weeks. That and you had a lot of spelling errors. Like "Pittsburg" and "Raider" just to point out 2 of many.
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