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Power polls, predictions, and perceptions


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Nov 14, 2001
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Let's stop worring about what ESPN, CNNSI, CBS, ABC, ADD, and GED all have to say about our beloved FINS!

Come on...I just yelled at some jets fans for whinning about what other people think. The rankings are like a fad. They come and go, and then later you realize just how stupid they really are (except for that Macarana thing, now that was something...and pet rocks, whatever happened to them...and free love, DAMN STD's....) Anywho...they mean nothing. Here:

Finfan's First ever Power Ranking's
1. Dolphins
2. Hurricanes
3. Oakland A's
4. Jeff Gordon

Does that make you feel better? Of course not... At the end of the year we will know who's right...till then...GO FINS. Pro Player will be the jungle and the LION sleeps tonight (or day, Sunday to be exact....actually it's the LionS, and they won't be sleeping, they will lose, and really it's not a jungle, I mean whoever heard of a Dolphin in a jungle...)
I agree finfan.

Look at ESPN's latest. Who remembers where they had the Pat's last year? OK, so now they're Super Bowl champs. And where do they have them listed?

And that's just one year that proves how stupid they really are.
Put no faith into them. The Patriots didn't.
you wanna see how stoopid they really R?.....check this out
All told, of the roughly 300 Super Bowl predictions tracked by TMQ through this period, two were right -- a one-in-150 performance. If you simply placed into a hat the names of the 31 NFL teams that existed in those years and drew a name at random, your odds of predicting the Super Bowl winner would be 1-in-31. This means that in the past three years, professional sportscasters and commentators, possessed with their incredible insider knowledge, have proven themselves five times less likely than random chance to predict the Super Bowl winner.
:lol: :lol: :rolleyes:
Originally posted by inFINSible
you wanna see how stoopid they really R?.....check this out :lol: :lol: :rolleyes:

Great read. I am pulling a team out of a hat right now.....drum roll please......it's..... the


There you have it. As of right now we have a 1 in 31 chance of making the SB!

Gee, that means we pull names out of a hat.

So that means they're pulling their guesses out of their asses!

Yep, makes perfect sense to me. :D
I seem to remember most of the media "experts" had the AFC coming down to the Titans, Colts, and possibly the Broncos last season. None of those teams even made the playoffs. This season, because the Steelers did so well last season, everybody in the media is riding their jock. The Steelers have not been consistent from year-to-year, and I really have doubts that they can duplicate last season.
Shocking the NY writer Len Pasquerelli has predicted the Jits will win the division.

Good thing because otherwise he would have broken his string of predicting them the past 30 yrs!

Whew, I was worried about him for a moment...he think the Phins will finish last.
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