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Power Ranking Dolphins Number 10


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Mar 8, 2002
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New England 1?
Green Bay 7?
Baltimore 8?

I dont think Pittsburgh should be 3 either and San Fran should be up more.

1. Miami 'Nuf Said
2. St. Louis Who Else
3. Philadelphia Good Young Talent
4. Chicago Same as 3
5. San Francisco Same team as last year, one year more experienced
6. New England Overrated
7. Pittsburgh Tough Team
8. Oakland Quality in every aspect
9. Green Bay Brett Favre is getting old and sloppy
10.Seattle Holmgren will creat a winning team.

Theres my top 10


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Jan 26, 2002
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Power Rankings are like the Pro Bowl !!

These sports writers are like every other football fan, They have the teams and players they like and the ones that they dislike. I don't care how much these guy's state that they are impartial,, it all comes down to what did this guy or these guys on this team say or do to piss me off ? and now I get to screw him and or the team ! The Pro bowl is getting to be a real farce because if you are not popular as a player ,, but have earned the right to be in the P-B because you EARNED it, you could be sitting at home watching some dufys take your spot .. I never put too much stock in these assinine Preseason predictions,, but I do like to refer back to some of these (so called experts pognostifications),, just to show what imbeciles they can be !:mad: :lol: Marino1983
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