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Predictions on Fiedler's return

Joe M. Omma

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Oct 14, 2002
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I think the baltimore game. he should have his cast off that prior monday, and then a week of practice.

I don't think it's an injury that could reoccur, so they'll put him out there once the cast is off.
Jay always comes back early. Sometimes too early. But he's a tough guy and a fast healer. I also say Baltimore (5 weeks).

Just as long as he's back for Buffalo. :angry:
I saw 6 weeks. He'll have the cast on for 4 weeks, and give him a week to rest without it on, and a week of practice. ALL I KNOW IS THAT WE NEED ANOTHER QB BESIDES GAY PUCAS!!!!
Originally posted by Muck
Just as long as he's back for Buffalo. :angry:
amen to that

what f'ed up present Ray gave you Muck - sorry.
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