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Adam the Quarterback
Jan 20, 2002
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Talk about homers.

Blitz Ahoy. The Lions come prepared to Miami with a game plan designed to take advantage of the Dolphins' less-than accomplished offensive line and Jay Fiedler's jittery pocket presence. The 'Fin QB exits stage right and doesn't return for a curtain call after Robert Porcher and Luther Ellis give him a stomping ovation. Then, after Chris Claiborn and Shaun Rogers introduce themselves, Ricky Williams is so taken he swallows his tongue stud. For the Lions offense, it's Shark Attack. Deep completions to Bill Schroeder and Scotty Anderson open up the middle of the field for Az-Zahir Hakim and Michael Ricks. James Stewart pounds the ground as needed, helping soften Zach Thomas enough to allow him a fish-eye view of Aveion Cason speeding by on those quick screen passes we never saw in the pre-season. Then there's Running Foot, Mike McMahon, always trodding away for a first down when a blowhole-breather would least expect him. Special teams? Glad you asked, Desmond Howard provides decent field position all afternoon, while Jeff Gooch flattens a few 'Fins, enabling Donte' Curry to recover a pair of fumbles. All in all, not a bad opening day performance.

Prediction: Lions 41 - Dolphins 10

I guess you can't blame them for having hope.


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Sep 3, 2001
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Anchorage, AK
Damn, I kno some people smoke crack, but this takes the cake, the crack cake. What a fruit!!
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